Temp files question

  radi8or 17:24 21 Sep 2003

HI all,
not sure if I should start a new topic or continue on previous one, anyhoo can some one explain why the difference between searches ie

*temp = 43 files
*.tmp =3 files (as suggested by VoG in previous)
* temp =24087 files
%temp% = 0 files (as suggested by Powerless)

are they not all temporary files

Thanks for your indulgence


  spikeychris 17:35 21 Sep 2003

Ah not quite. %temp% files are local to the users.

  DieSse 17:37 21 Sep 2003

*temp includes any files that have the letters temp in their name - counld be conTEMPorary.doc for instance. This is NOT the search you want - it's the *.temp and *.tmp searches that are most likely to be correct.

But as I said before - this won't find all the files that can be deleted, as many of the ones you will see in the Temp folder are regular files, which are no longer needed (because of the failure of some software to clean up properly after use).

  radi8or 17:47 21 Sep 2003

so would I be able to delete all 24087 files under
*temp, theoretically.

regards Bob

  DieSse 17:50 21 Sep 2003


  spikeychris 17:51 21 Sep 2003

Common question and an easy solution. Bang them all in the recycle bin and wait until you have used the machine for a time that would cover all the progs installed. If theres no problem, empty the bin.


  DieSse 17:52 21 Sep 2003

I just pointed out they will include ANY files that just happen to have the letters temp anywhere in their name - even a real file like conTEMPorary.dot

The files you can delete are those that DiskCleanup finds!

  spikeychris 17:56 21 Sep 2003

is of-course right. Using the wildcard can cause more grief than anything else.

  radi8or 17:58 21 Sep 2003

sorry mate didn't read your post properly i've got it now.

Thanks guys


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