Temp Files - How Do I Know Which Ones To Delete?

  Fastflys 18:49 29 Apr 2005

My O/S is Windows XP Pro. I have a number of different temp files in my temp folder. Some are hidden and only show when I unhide them.

Am I right to assume that some temp files must not be deleted?

If so what's the best software download to use which will not conflict with XP or other installed software and safely clear out only the temp files that are not required.

  VoG II 18:51 29 Apr 2005

click here - safe as houses.

  STREETWORK 19:01 29 Apr 2005

Use the find file and folders search tool and type in *.tmp then hit search.

Check the results and dump them in the recycle bin for a few days before torching them.

also search out


and do them in as well

  Fastflys 20:30 29 Apr 2005


Can I leave my firewall and anti virus switched on when I download, install and use Ccleaner?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:31 29 Apr 2005



  Dorsai 20:39 29 Apr 2005

Temp (*.tmp) files are just that, Temporary.

Just delete ALL of them.

If a file is still in use, trying to delete it won't work, "***.tmp is is use, delete failed" or words to the effect.

They are called temp files so that you or I know that deleting them is safe.

"Don't delete this file" as a name is trying to tell you something.

"this file is OK to delete" is saying the opposite.

The same is true for the contents of 'temp' folders.

If it was important, it would not have been 'given A name'/'put in a place' that means 'OK to delete'.

Temp files/folders are a PC's "rubbish bin". Sometimes the PC forgets to empty the rubbish. But if the PC put it in the bin, there is no need to worry about emptying it yourself. It's there for a reason, cos it's rubbish.


  pat-212841 13:32 30 Apr 2005

I just did this to check for old files *.old *.log and 1000s came up ! most are just pictures of bits of a computer do i need these ? thanks

  pat-212841 13:33 30 Apr 2005

sorry put this in the wrong place will do it again

  Fastflys 19:20 02 May 2005

Downloaded/Installed and used CCleaner. Does exactly what it says it does and does it well.

  Buchan 35 20:08 02 May 2005

Another satisfied customer, Ilike it.

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