TEMP Files Filling up HDD Which to delete??

  lixdexik 15:37 20 Sep 2003

Hi There,

I recently had a mesage telling me that my C drive was running out of space, so in order to tidy things up a bit a tried to run defrag, but it would not run as there was not enough space for it to work properly. My HDD is 80gig and devided into 4 partitions. The C drive (15gig)is for the OS ( win xp pro ) and prog files. The other partitions for E, My Files F, photos, G, Music. As I have not installed any progs after setting the partitions I could not see why the drive was running out of space.

I ran Partition Magic and increased the C drive to 20gig and ran defrag without any problem. However defrag reported that there were files it could not defrag. IE \Douuments and Settings\My name\Local Settings\Temp\WED24.TMP... This file is 190MB and in 39 fragments. I have looked in the temp folder but could not finde this file, but was staggered at the files I did find and the size of many of them for example..

Perflib_Perfdata_6f8 20.09.03...16KB DAT File

N1240UA.shd...320KB...SHD File

wed1C.tmp...318,749 KB...28.08.03 TMP File

wed1C.tmp_pk...6939 KB...28.08.03 TMP_PK File

wed2.tmp....238,726...20.08.03 TMP File

wed7.tmp....309,711KB..20 08 03 TMP File

There are 121 wed1C.tmp & tmp_pk type files all similar in size to the ones listed above. Along with WAV File?..PAL File?.HTML Document?.DAT file?.MTX File

There are folders with name such as {5F71EB81-C72E-4B28-8D90-FDEECFEBC2DE}
{6BE2A4A4-99FB-48ED-AE1E-4E850389F804} fith no files in them.

According to the properties this temp folder is 11GB in size.

Can I delete this stuff and reclaim my HDD.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  mark500 15:51 20 Sep 2003

Delete them to the recycle bin and leave them. Run the system for a couple of days and see if you get any problems. Generally anything with a .TMP extension can be deleted without worry. They are left over from program installs.

  lixdexik 17:59 20 Sep 2003

I have now found out what is making the WED1c. tmp. Files. I have been puting my LP collection on to Cds and using Nero Wave EDitor to record the tracks to my HDD and the files are Wave EDitor temp files. I have removed them all so the temp folder is now only 1.6Mb rather than 11Gb.

  keith-236785 18:03 20 Sep 2003

Perflib_Perfdata_6f8 20.09.03...16KB DAT File probably wont delete but try anyway

click edit/ select all then right click and delete, if you want to select all but perflib then do as before, when they are all highlighted, press ctrl and keep it pressed then click on perflib which will deselect it, then press delete or right click and delete.

one other way is to view details, sort by date by clicking the date column heading, then drag over all except todays files to highlight them, then delete as before.

good luck

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