telewest problem

  mentholdan 20:09 13 Dec 2004

A friend has phoned me about a browser problem with telewest.

She uses blueyonder browser to access the internet but it can take up to 20 minutes to open her Hotmail account, or open Internet Explorer.

I'm just repeating what she has told me, I know nothing about telewest and hope some kind person here can help her out.

If you need more information I can ring her and get any info you need.

She has XP sp2 installed on a brand new Dell laptop and accesses the internet via telewest broadband. She says everything else works fine and she can access her Yahoo account with no problems.

  Dumble452 09:54 14 Dec 2004

I suggest she gets Blueyonder Instant Support Tool click here their online help is also pretty good
click here
I've always found them to be very helpful, but have found that it is very frustrating trying to phone them,last resort onless you are addicted to lines busy and multiple choice menus!

  vaughan007 12:24 14 Dec 2004

This doesn't really sound like this is a Telewest problem.

Try downloading Netscape, or another browser, and see if thats any different.

More likely to be a problem with your friends pc?

Or a problem with Internet Explorer?

Or a problem with Hotmail?

  swingtime 14:42 14 Dec 2004

see if this helps click here

  swingtime 14:45 14 Dec 2004

see if this helps click here

  mentholdan 20:00 14 Dec 2004

thank you all for your responses. I shall forward them to Natalia.

Cheers, Steve

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