Telewest broadband and windows 98

  hargranules 00:15 15 Jan 2006

Hi, Telewest says there broadband has to be installed on windows SE or higher, Is there any way to install on windows 98 first edition?

  Skyver 00:21 15 Jan 2006

As long as you can plug your BB modem into a working ethernet card/port or USB/NIC adaptor, broadband will work.

  octal 08:19 15 Jan 2006

I think probably the only reason the stipulate 98SE might be the USB support is poor, but as Skyver says if you have a Network Interface Card (NIC) installed you won't have a problem, but don't use the USB port because you may have problems, not saying you will, but the NIC is better.

As a matter of interest I'm on NTL and they say the same, but my operating system is Xandros Linux and I've never had a problem, even when I had to re-register my connecting with them when the connection was upgraded, I just opened the first available browser, in my case Opera, it connected to the registration page where I entered my details and away it went.

I can't even use the CD they supply because it doesn't work on Linux, so you don't even need that.

  octal 08:22 15 Jan 2006

I should have said;

"I think probably the only reason the stipulate 98SE might be the USB support is poor on 98 standard addition"

Sorry, that made it look as if USB support on 98SE was poor, of course its the other way around :-)

  hargranules 10:10 15 Jan 2006

How do I install without using their cd

  hargranules 11:23 15 Jan 2006

Hi, Haven't got a clue how to install broadband without the cd. Can anyone help?

  octal 11:45 15 Jan 2006

If the auto-detect is switched "on" when you click on the browser it should automatically find an IP address, probably the first one it finds will be the registration page at Telewest.

Once you've registered a new IP address will be assigned to you automatically.

That's how it did it on mine. One of the guys who use Windows 98 should be able to tell you where to check if the Network will auto-detect, but is usually set as auto-detect by default.

  PaulB2005 11:47 15 Jan 2006

If you have a desktop Cable modem and an Ethernet port then you can just plug the modem in, wait 10 seconds and then you are ready to go. never used the CD after the engineer installed the modem the first time.

NTL however will make you jump through loops running the CD, verifying who you are etc even though the service arrives down a dedicated cable in to the room you had the cable run to.

  PaulB2005 11:48 15 Jan 2006

Oh and don't have Automatically Detect Settings under LAN Settings on. It'll make it harder.

  Ivor_Monkey 12:03 15 Jan 2006

I use win98 with telewest and there is not problem. I think I just installed as normal.

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