Telewest BB Connection Help (share connection)

  BBez 16:38 06 Apr 2005

I know that generally i need a router and have to plug the TW modem into router/switch combo, setup MAC address cloning, then attach PC's to router/switch ports but was wondering if i can set it up without router..?

Telewest BB connection just has the Motorola sb4200 surfboard cable modem plugged straight into PC 01 via installed NIC.

Can i add an additional NIC into PC 01, connect it with RJ45 CAT 5 x-over cable to a PCMCIA NIC for the laptop (PC 02) to get an Internet connection using ICS in Windows XP that runs on PC 01, or do i have to go with the router option, any help, alternative solutions (bridging), suggestions, thanks in advance...

  JonnyTub 03:40 07 Apr 2005

Personal opinion would be to go down the router road. However:

Why not consider wireless?

It's relatively cheap these days.
2 wireless pci adapters will allow you to connect both machines for file sharing and pc1 can be used as PC 2's web access. You can buy 2 wireless adapters (802.11b) from ebuyer for £40 delivered and no doubt cheaper from the local PC shop. The only downside to this method is pc1 has to be switched on if PC requires web access.

If you go to the blueyonder networking section click here they'll quite happily supply you with netgear products to the tune of £111 for a router, wireless pcmcia card for laptop and usb wireless adapter for PC (802.11b).

Definitely consider wireless, especially with the summer coming up and that nice Chardonnay you been saving can be sipped whilst you while away endless hours surfing on the lounger in the garden.

Happy hunting

  BBez 09:41 07 Apr 2005

JonnyTub, thank you for the info. Problem is, i've just been paid off and have limited funding at the mo. Can i still setup an additional NIC in PC1 and just hard wire it to PC2 then share the connection thru XP's ICS..?


  sidecar sid 14:59 07 Apr 2005

If you want to connect your laptop wirelessly and you can stretch to fifty quid then one of each of these

click here

click here

click here

Will give you a wired connection to your PC and wireless to your laptop.Slightly dearer than
JonnyTubs solution but it removes the need to keep your PC switched on to allow your laptop internet access(just leave modem and router on)

Thinking about it the surfboard modem can connect to your PC via USB this would leave your existing NIC connection free to connect to your laptop.

  BBez 20:37 19 Apr 2005

tnx for the nfo...

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