Television - Viewing pictures from digital camera

  SLIMMERTIF 17:18 26 Jan 2003

I have a Canon G3, and would love to view my pictures on a TV screen. This would enable the pics to be viewed at anyones house. I have the necessary lead supplied with the camera, and have followed the instructions. But no luck....
I have tried plugging the jack plus into the video so we can view them through the video machine, I have even bought a scart adapter and tried that. Again no pictures can be seen. Has anyone got any experience of viewing their digital pictures on the tv?

  anchor 17:27 26 Jan 2003

No problem with my Fuji 6800, and my Sony TV.

  shepherd 17:30 26 Jan 2003

I do this but must first switch to an appropriate TV channel. I believe (from memory) that I tune to an 'external' channel that I use.

  Switcher 17:45 26 Jan 2003

My camera is a Kodak but the method of connecting is similar for any camera. I connect from camera output to an adaptor which allows me to plug in a scart lead which I plug in to AV2 on my TV. If I now select AV2 on the TV I see whatever the camera sees.

If I now select replay I can view each shot in turn and give family and friends a slide show but only if I handcuff them to their seats.

  baz.b 17:55 26 Jan 2003

Hi Slimmertif
I have a cannon PowerShot S100, all I have to do is connect the usb video cable to the camera and the yellow phono connector, to the input ports on the TV. You may already have done so, but make sure the TV is switched to the correct AV.


  Antz 17:59 26 Jan 2003

Try fiddling with the A.V configuration on your T.V. I am not familiar with your particular model but some T.V's can have the A.V input/output switched on and off,particularly if there is more than one Scart socket. Select menu on the remote control and see where that takes you,better still search the manual if you still have it .I have learned the hard way....never throw out a manual.

  Gongoozler 18:08 26 Jan 2003

I have had 2 things stop me viewing camera pictures on TV. The first was not pushing the miniature jack plug properly into the camera (the contacts were tighter than I expected, and I was too nervous about damaging my expensive new camera). The second occasion on a different TV was down to not selecting the correct AV channel.

  SLIMMERTIF 21:10 26 Jan 2003


Cheers Fellas for all the help and advice. Got all the books out and started again. Was as simple as using the TV remote and pushing the right button!!

Why can't all things in life be so simple....... I'll go do what Switcher does..... get out the handcuffs and force folks to view my pics, not only that I can take their pics while they sit looking at themselves!!

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