television aerial cable

  strongbow1976 11:49 11 Dec 2008

i have a problem - the cable coming from my aerial on the roof - down the wall and through into the tv has been cut.
i have patched it together with male/female connectors but have lost some freeview channels (not all)

i am assuming that i have not (and will not) be able to make a good repair so is the only option to buy a new cable, get up on the roof replace the exsting cable - run down wall through to tv.?

i hope not cos i dont like heights....


  birdface 12:05 11 Dec 2008

Reset your freeview box and see if that brings them back.Make sure cable where the break is is well covered to stop the dampness from getting in.Also recheck to make sure none of the inner and outer wires are touching as one little bit of wire touching will give you a bad picture.

  ambra4 12:09 11 Dec 2008

“I hope not cos I don’t like heights....”

I would suggest that you get a local antenna installer to replace the cable

It betters to be safe than sorry and your family worrying about you in the hospital

  crosstrainer 12:13 11 Dec 2008

If the cable had been cut, it's almost certain to have water or dampness in it...Replace!

  Furkin 12:25 11 Dec 2008

Assuming that you had the proper co-ax and a good signal, I can't see that one clean cut & proper connection would make a great difference.
As above, maybe there is more to it than just a cut & connection. There could be many variables to consider, how cut, how connection made etc etc.
If it was a matter of just cutting the co-ax, I’d Double check the connectors, making sure that a)there are no shorts b)connections actually being made.
If the cut was made by stretching/dragging etc, and checking the obvious (antenna spin) then I’d dump it for a new run. Internal defects are a bum to locate & sort.

  birdface 12:37 11 Dec 2008

If you still have a good picture resetting your freeview box should work.But like the others have said renewing the cable would be a better solution.certainly don,t try it yourself.A well known TV entertainer tried doing it himself and had a fatal accident.So maybe better just using it with a few programs missing until such times as you can get it fixed properly.

  Switcher 15:35 11 Dec 2008

Make up a cable about 4 ft long cut the existing cable 2 ft either side of existing join and patch cable in, sealing against water ingress. Well made joints should not affect signal to any great extent.

  Stuartli 17:00 11 Dec 2008

The best advice is almost certainly to completely replace the cable - patching it up is only a temporary measure.

However, you could use two male coaxial plugs for each cable section, take care with wiring them up and form a connection with a double female adapter (normally used to extend a coaxial cable run); this would make it easier to then create a waterproof seal with tape, followed by liberally smearing the joint with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) as a further prevention of water ingress.


click here

  Graham. 17:11 11 Dec 2008

What a disapointment, your click here. I was expecting to see some Vaseline being smeared.

No matter how good the connection repair, it will unbalance the cable and cause reflections. That's why you are losing some higher frequency channels.

  [email protected] 17:20 11 Dec 2008

Joining the cable as Switcher suggests will cause minimum insertion loss, however it is good practice to solder the centre conductor into the coax plugs.
If this fails then replace the complete cable and also get the aerial alignment checked.

  Graham. 17:59 11 Dec 2008

Another option - if you can get the cable from the aerial into the house somewhere, perhaps fish it into an airbrick in the attic, you could fit a distribution amplifier. Then you could connect to that.

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