Telephone Service Codes - help needed

  Chris the Ancient 17:48 16 Aug 2009

I have a relative who continually makes calls to me. These calls are not welcome and cause me a lot of distress - to such an extent that I normally leave the phone unplugged so that I don't even know that a call is coming in. I have told this relative that... many times.

The phone being unplugged when I don't need it is of little consequence because people who 'really' need to contact me can do it through my 'work' mobile. Needless to say, that relative doesn't know that number.

In the near future, I will be using my 'private' line for more business work. During the day, while I am out, I will have a mini call handling centre dealing with my calls. I don't want them to be on the receiving end of these abusive calls. And when I'm home, I would like to receive calls - but not from that relative.

Looking at a site click here I see that I can add that unwelcome number to a list of 'blocked' numbers. That will keep the abusive calls away from both myself and my call handling centre.

Preamble over... Now the questions...

* Is this a service that has to be paid for? (I don't really mind)

* Can it be 'undone' if necessary?

* Last, and by no means least, what will the relative get on their phone when they try to call me?


  Woolwell 17:54 16 Aug 2009

BT has a "choose to refuse" service click here but it does cost £3.28 per month.

  BT 17:57 16 Aug 2009

Terrific gadget on QVC today which would do just what you want. It was apparently featured on Dragons Den. A bit pricey but very versatile.

click here^561761,tpl^uk,sc^,cc^,from^,navlist^561707*561761*561995*562115*828309*,cm_scid^24hr

  BT 17:59 16 Aug 2009

That didn't work too well did it
Try it like this

click here

  Chris the Ancient 18:00 16 Aug 2009


I'm willing to pay that per month - for the peace of mind!


I saw that on Dragons' Den as well. Useful device - but too pricey for me. I don't even want 'that' caller to get as far as being asked to leave a name and number. That would acknowledge that they had got so far and that I just wasn't replying to their calls (which I'm not!).

  Chris the Ancient 18:07 16 Aug 2009

Cheaper here! click here

  Chris the Ancient 18:15 16 Aug 2009

Last bit should have been for BT

  Stuartli 19:08 16 Aug 2009

Have you taken any legal advice with regard to your relative's unwanted calls?

BT, to the best of my knowledge, is also able to change your phone number so might be worth an enquiry.

  Stuartli 19:11 16 Aug 2009
  Chris the Ancient 20:04 16 Aug 2009

I'm not 100% sure what you mean about the legal side of things. I have explained, many times, in letters to my relative that my phone is unplugged - and the reasons why - all to no avail. I know that calls are still attempted.

I did think of a number change, but too many other people are used to my existing number; add to that, I have quite a bit of stationery with the existing phone number on. Also, that link explaining the ramifications of number changing on one's broadband needs bearing in mind.

So... the easiest cop-out for me is to just bar that number.

  johnnyrocker 20:29 16 Aug 2009

might a legal caution of some kind help?


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