Telephone problem-urgent help please

  freaky 18:57 29 Oct 2005

Yesterday evening our BT phone connection failed, today the engineer called and temporarily fixed the problem.

I have a cordless phone downstairs connected to the BT socket. Upstairs I have another cordless phone, this is connected to a phone socket I installed myself many years ago. This extension consists of cable running down the wall outside the house which I connected to the BT socket.

It turns out that this cable has detiorated, and as it was not installed by BT they will not replace it. But he did do a temporary repair.

He recommended either have it rewired, or change the phones to the type which consists of a pair of phones - one that will connect directly to the official BT socket downstairs - the other phone upstairs will pick up the signals from the downstairs unit. This will do away with the outside cable. I rather like the idea.

Does anybody know the title for this type of 'wireless' phone, and are they any good.

Apologies to FE for this not being IT related, but the upstairs phone is used in connection with my work, and I need to get a permanent solution to the problem asap.

  PaulB2005 19:00 29 Oct 2005

It's just a digital (DECT) cordless phone with one base station. The second handset just has a charger.

Yes they are good. Go to Dixons, PC World, Currys, anywhere you can buy phones...

  PaulB2005 19:01 29 Oct 2005

Like these - click here

  woodchip 19:06 29 Oct 2005

You will get a Bill, Also you should not connect anything internal to a BT Socket

  Forum Editor 19:12 29 Oct 2005

and after trying several, the one I like best is the Siemens GigasetS150. It has a digital answering machine built in, and more facilities than you can shake a stick at.

If ever I lose a handset I just look on the floor by my wife's side of the bed.

click here to see the phone

  Graham ® 19:45 29 Oct 2005

The engineer would have advised you if BT was going to bill you. They cannot bill you for a temporary repair, that was a goodwill gesture to give you service.

You can connect your own wiring to the bottom half terminals of the Master socket.

  freaky 20:39 29 Oct 2005

Many thanks to all who posted a reply. The purchase of a DECT system sounds the most practical - plus I love buying new gadgets!

The link supplied by PaulB2005 was helpful-many thanks.

The prices shown on this link were much less than I anticipated, but heavily discounted.

The cost of a rewire would probaly be equal to 50% of the price of a DECT. I will go and have a look around the shops tomorrow, and also do a Google on the Siemens GigasetS150. I did do a brief search earlier and Binatone had some good ratings.

Will leave this post open in case any other replies arrive, and also details of final outcome.

As regards the possibilty of there being a charge from BT for what they did - theoretically yes - but no mention of a charge from their Engineer, and no job sheet signed by me. If they did charge, then as I already have a NTL line used for my FAX, I would tell them to cancel my BT connection and I will use NTL!

  Audeal 21:16 29 Oct 2005

More phones to look at.
click here

  Diemmess 21:34 29 Oct 2005

These walk-around phones are very good and if you buy one with "a name to protect" the choice then has to be on how they phsically fit your needs can you hear easily? - are the buttons easy to see and use?

If it has a paging device on the base set, then you can always find it even if like FE's beloved, it was under the bed!

Don't give up on BT, its your decision, but I'd be superstitious that if I closed my account with them, that would be when I would really need their help. Yes I know NTL would chase them, but how quickly?

  dewskit 21:47 29 Oct 2005


Have a look at
click here;sid=H56YD-eNNx6YDqTuwKmSa-QZzhCfR9Gf7SM=?ProductID=kocKZAOiOc4AAAD_6OvhbAom&BackTo=Search

I have pourchased from them on numerous occasions in the past couple of years. Their products are always well designed and good value and note the three year guarantee (seems to be standard in Germany)

  freaky 18:31 30 Oct 2005

Eventually purchased the BT Synergy 3505 Twin - this has a comprehensive range of features. One of which was the ability to delete selected messages left on the Answering Machine!

Dixon's and Curry's were selling them in-store for £89.99, got one from Comet today at £59.95.

Cannot comment on what is like to use as the batteries have to be initially charged for 16 hours.

If anybody wants more information then post a message. In the meantime I will mark this topic as resolved - thanks for all the replies.

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