Telephone Preference Services (TPS)

  BBez 10:09 20 Jul 2005

Hi, think this is the correct forum to pos6t in...

my father runs a small shop and although he's registered with TPS, he's getting bombarded by some Indian call centre (no. comes up on phone as 0220) but doesn't know the name of the marketing company, or, it may be several companies.

As he's registered with TPS, what else can he do...

any help, tia...

  spuds 10:27 20 Jul 2005

As he contacted TPS [email protected] 020 7766 4420, and notified them of the problem. They may have further advice.

  De Marcus 10:50 20 Jul 2005

I registered with the tps, gave them the rogue number and it took up to a month for the calls to stop, I also asked telewest to not allow calls from any network (or anyone) that witholds their number. The result is no calls like that whatsoever, any legitimate ones can send me snail mail if it's that important they get in touch.

Pet Peeve - (american recorded message) Hi you've won our grand prize of a brand new car, just ring £££££££££ to claim your prize number.

Give the tps the rogue number they may be able to tell you a bit more about them, in my case the calls stoppped after a month however 9 and a half months later I got an email from the tps stating the company involved had been fined a hefty sum for breaching it's agreement.

  jack 11:00 20 Jul 2005

Many of these call have a "We do not know the number" response to 1471 - indicating an overseas
source - these are unstoppable I would imagin3
I did have a spte of call froman indian call centre selling 'Orange' phones. - A call to TPS stopped that one.
Another, on a Sunday -Number withheld from an individual with an Afro/Carib accent descibing themselves as the 'Ultimate Group'I tried to get them to tell my why they were phoning -never did find out .
I guess these people simply grab a phone book or directory disc and work through willy nilly and do not sign up to any protection service.
Easy answer to all this - dont speak simply hang up.

  Stuartli 13:50 20 Jul 2005

You can contact TPS direct from its website for more immediate action.

  961 14:26 20 Jul 2005

I found that the calls stopped after I answered one with "hold on a moment please" and then left the phone for 30 minutes

  €dstowe 14:59 20 Jul 2005

I am registered with the TPS, the MPS and the FPS but still rogue phone calls, mail and faxes get through. Faxes aren't too much of a problem now but with calls, I do as 961 does and I also keep a loud whistle next to my phone. The method I inflict depends on how benevolent I feel and what sort of day I have had.

With junk mail, this keeps my nieces occupied for a time when they visit putting replies into the wrong envelopes and returning them.

  BBez 18:25 10 Aug 2005

thanks for all responses. My fathers started to make fun of them when they call and it appears to be working...

  sidecar sid 19:17 10 Aug 2005

Had a couple of calls from an Indian call centre.

Hung up on the first one. The second one was from a guy named "Steve" I asked him who he was calling from "One tel" was the reply.

I politely informed Steve that I was registered with the TPS (have been for about eighteen months) and I would make a complaint if I received any more calls from them, havn’t heard a peep since.

  Stuartli 19:43 10 Aug 2005

The problem is that TPS, which is very effective, isn't much use with offshore recorded calls informing you of the wonderful prize you and your family has just won.....:-(

  wiz-king 05:13 11 Aug 2005

I leave the answer-phone ( computer )on and let it answer the phone and only if I want the call do I pick up the phone. This saves me a lot of paper faxes and wasted time, most salesmen are paid by the number of contacts they make and answer-phones don't count, it wont unfortunately stop the computer generated ones that babble on regardless but, the off button is just a mouse click away.

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