Telephone master socket connections

  pcbobby 20:19 10 Nov 2011

Just relocated to the outskirts of Leicester. Talktalk quickly arranged phone and Internet connection.

Surprised to find that BB speed is only 650 – 750 kbps. Used SamKnows website and found that I am 3.2 miles from exchange. I checked the wiring and found it messy with several old extensions in the loft.

I have now connected the main incoming cable directly to a new master socket IDC Terminal (3/1A) The cable has 4 wires, Black – green- orange- white. The socket has 6 connections. Currently White is in No2 terminal and orange in No5 terminal. I have reversed the colours, but the speed remains the same. The remaining colours, Green and Black appear to be redundant.

My laptop info: Compaq. Presario CQ56

Has any member any advice on wiring connections?

Thank you.

  lotvic 20:31 10 Nov 2011

"I have now connected the main incoming cable directly to a new master socket IDC Terminal (3/1A)"

Suggest you tread very carefully, if you have done what you say it carries a £1,000 fine.

diagram of wiring and

  lotvic 20:39 10 Nov 2011

For the sake of clarity and others reading this thread, here's a quote:

"The only people on the planet who are allowed to change your BT Master box are BT engineers. It's ILLEGAL to change it yourself. You face suspension/termination of BT service and/or a stiff fine if you do so. The Master line box is the "demarkation" point between Your Equipment and BT's Exchange Line, so everything on your side is your problem, everything on BT's side, including the Master box itself, is BT's problem."

  lotvic 20:50 10 Nov 2011

sorry about 2nd link here it is again ClickHere

  pcbobby 21:26 10 Nov 2011

Hello Lotvic, thank you for your advice.

I was totally unaware about the master socket legislation. The reason for the new socket was twofold. 1. The wireing/cable from the loft to the socket was alarm cable! 2. The face of the old socket was cracked and when the filter was inserted it jammed and on removal the front disintegrated. I guessed that it would be straightforward to replace the old one with a new one from B&Q.

Thank you for the diagram link.

I shall now have to confront the phone company with the problem.

Kind regards.

  robin_x 22:16 10 Nov 2011

You only need two wires round the house now. (2 and 5)

Not sure which way round your solid white and solid orange should be.

No 3 Orange/White in links for Ringing is no longer required at any point. (and disconnecting can reduce noise0

Did you buy the correct Master Socket from B&Q? master sockets have a large capacitor.

Did you punchdown the wires properly using the tool? or similar.

Try only the router and one filter, nothing else connected, direct to Master socket.

You maybe too far from exchange or your line has not yet settled.

My aunt and Uncle, in Lincs, only get 500kbps. Have you moved from a better part of the country?

I've never heard of anybody being prosecuted for unauthorised fiddling, but No, you are not allowed.

In fact many do. If challenged, just say the previous occupant must have done it.

  lotvic 22:29 10 Nov 2011

I only advised caution in what you were doing, it's up to you how you do it ;)

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