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  brindly 11:18 27 Nov 2011

Can anyone advise. I have been having problems with internet connection and noise on the phone for the past month. Engineers from TT have been up twice and replaced router and filters, BT have been and replaced wiring to master socket. All this has made no difference and I keep on asking both to investigate and fix even if it is my wiring at fault I will pay for it. Can anyone tell me what the "SUMMARY" readings indicate. When I go into the summary site internet is red and ADSL is red or yellow and according to the site these mean error. Does this indicate the fault is with BT line or with the router. I have just tested the master socket because of the noise on the phone and with a phone connected direct to the master socket the noise is still there. I have taken this rare opportunity to ask this question as I have a internet connnection but it could go at any time.

  Jollyjohn 11:45 27 Nov 2011

How far away from the exchange are you?

Go to BT site Broadband section then help and there is a line tester - use it and note the results.

What is the summary site you refer to?

  brindly 13:49 27 Nov 2011

We are about one and a half miles from the exchange. The "Summary" site is what comes up when I put into Explorer, I type in admin an a page comes up with three icons refereing to internet, adsl and wireless connections, when they are green we have a connection but recently they have been red and yellow. The adsl light flashes on the router and the internet light is red, this happens all the time. We have also has so many line tests done along with checks on the master socket with the router connected directly to the master socket, none has made any difference and no checks have produced a solution.I am lucky at the moment to have a connection so I will attempt to do a line check, the only problem is that it seems when the line checks are done no problem is found because everything is working ok. It is a bit like going to the dentists with a tooh eche, when you get there the tooth feels fine.

  brindly 14:04 27 Nov 2011

Tried the BT help, no luck; told me they couldn't do a line test for this kind of line and to call 0800 800151 (residential). I guess it is because Talk Talk rent the line from them, back to square one.

  Jollyjohn 12:58 29 Nov 2011


Apologies for not getting back sooner. This is very strange, the summary page suggests the dsl line is dropping out which will disable the internet connection - hence the red light.

I assume the engineers have covered this but do you have anything else in the house connected to the phone line? Fax, Alarm system, Sky and if so are they filtered?

My only other suggestion is the next time the line goes down ring TalkTalk helpline and get them to check the line then and hopefully the line will stay down until they complete the test to give them a chance to find the fault.

Hope you get this resolved.

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