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  Bertie B 21:14 06 Aug 2005

I am confused! Having recently changed from Norton Security to Zone Alarm Security I have been getting a number of security questions - i.e allow/don't allow internet access, etc..

One question related to a file updsvc.exe. Not knowing what this referred to I blocked it. I later discovered that this file relates to a Teknum Systems applic. which appears on my PC and, indeed, on my Daughters's PC also running
XP. However, in searches on the net I have received conflicting info on whether this applic is in fact spyware or not. I have installed Spybot and run this and also the anti-spyware part of Zone Alarm Security. Spybot picked
up on Teknum and "fixed" things!! However the application still seem to be there!

Now, when I attempt to open previously encrypted files I get a message to say that a file is missing and the application needs to be re-installed - pointing me to the Teknum Systems site via click here or some such!

I am concerned because a search on Microsoft.com for Teknum, or for updsvc.exe, results in nothing found.

QUESTION: Is Tecknum Systems Applic part of the XP OS system or has my file encryption software been hijacked by spyware?

One response to the same question raised by me via the Microsoft Users Forum suggests that the Teknum Systems software is 3rd part and has downloaded itself to my PC, and also my daughter's PC. FURTHER QUESTIONS - 1] is it malicious and should it be removed. 2] How - as both Spybot and Zone Alarm spyware sweeps are not removing it? 3] How do I restore the normal Windows XP Encryption facility so I can access all my encrypted files? [I can't use Windows Restore as this has had to be reset as something knocked it out - have not yet checked to see if it now works since the reset a few days ago!]

  VoG II 21:19 06 Aug 2005

This appears to be a nasty. Post a HJT log click here on this specialised forum click here

  sidecar sid 22:34 06 Aug 2005
  Belatucadrus 22:34 06 Aug 2005

I think it's the teknum Easycrypto auto updater that's been identified as spyware, deleting it has disabled Easycrypto, which is why it isn't working. Reload it and it should work OK.
As to the "normal Windows XP Encryption facility" it doesn't have one, Zip yes, encrypt no. That's why third party programs like this are available, as to it having "downloaded itself to my PC" sorry, but no way it needs to be very deliberately downloaded and installed by the user. If you didn't install it, maybe you should ask who did ?
I don't believe that this program is a security issue, but if you want to remove it, first reinstall then decrypt all files that you've encoded, then delete and replace with an alternative like AxCrypt click here .

  Bertie B 00:42 07 Aug 2005

Thanks Guys

Don't remember ever downloading this ........ but it is 2 1/2 years since I've been on XP and .... perhaps it's possbile that I got it from a PC Advisor Disk!?? Who knows?



  DieSse 00:54 07 Aug 2005

As to the "normal Windows XP Encryption facility" it doesn't have one

Win2000/XP encryption explained click here

  Bertie B 00:59 07 Aug 2005

Well that's interesting!!

  DieSse 01:07 07 Aug 2005

If you have trouble getting to previously encrypted files click here

You may have to register - but it's free.

  Bertie B 01:08 07 Aug 2005

Even more interesting is that when you click on many of my folders the advanced option under the "General" tab is not shown ........where it is then you cannot click on the "encrypt" option!

  Belatucadrus 01:52 07 Aug 2005

Reading DieSse link indicates it's an XPPro option, certainly on my XPhome, while the encrypt tick box is there, it's inactive and can't be used.

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