rawprawn 15:12 10 Mar 2006

I know that this has been posted before but after installing Handybits Easycrypt (recomended here) I uninstalled it after not liking the way teknum always wanted to contact the internet, no problem. However I later found it trying to connect again so I searched for anything left in the registry and deleted all, The problem is it keeps commimng back. I have deleted all Teknum system files but there must be something else that is restoring it. It doesn't seem to be a problem at the moment but it's annoying. Any ideas.

  rawprawn 08:02 11 Mar 2006

I did another Registry clean for teknum, cleared it out again and then did a search fo Handybits and found two more registry entries which I have deleted. It hasn't come back so far so I will tick as resolved.

  rawprawn 11:27 12 Mar 2006

It's back, this has really got me guessing even though it dosn't seem to cause any problems but how does it keep regeerating.

  rawprawn 12:40 12 Mar 2006

Hi, no there is nothing there that shouldn't be but I have deleted teknum from the registry yet again. A search now shows nothing, but I know it will be back. I just don't understand how.
Thanks for trying.

  beynac 12:43 26 Mar 2006

Hi rawprawn.

Are you still having trouble with Teknum? Like you, I thought that I'd got rid of it but it suddenly reappeared. I searched the registry, AGAIN, for all references to "Teknum" and "Handybits" and deleted everything I found.

I found this thread click here which was very helpful. I followed the advice (post dated 23/5/2005) to unregister and then remove "ssmenu.dll". This sounds logical as it is a Teknum file and it's obvious that there must be some sort of progarm reapplying the registry startup entry. I believe that ssmenu.dll is triggered by something to do with the right-click menu in Windows Explorer. I obviously won't know whether this has worked straight away, but if the registry entry isn't there next week then I'll assume it has !!

I think it's a hell of a shame that Teknum put this in, what is otherwise, a very good program. Their attitude over this is mind-boggling - how can you trust a software company's products to be secure when they behave like this?

I now use Steganos LockNote (available from click here ). Not the same sort of thing, but a very handy tool.

I hope this helps, if you're still having trouble with Teknum reasserting itself.

  beynac 14:44 26 Mar 2006


  rawprawn 16:41 26 Mar 2006

Hi thanks for that post, I still can't stop Teknum reinserting itself into the registry. I have deleted it many times and all connected entries that I can find, but it still comes back. However I have learned to live with the entry as it does absolutely nothing as far as I can tell. I had seen the thread you posted before, but rather than get in deeper by downloading other things from them, I have decided to leave it alone. It really is annoying though!!! (I am now using AxCrypt with no problems)

  beynac 17:02 26 Mar 2006

I agree that it wouldn't be sensible to download Teknum's uninstall tool. I saw a thread in another forum where the person had used it and was going to have to reinstall XP to get system restore working !!

I certainly think that the removal of ssmenu.dll is worth a go. If it works - great! If it doesn't - at least that's another bit of Teknum gone.

I'll let you know next week whether I'm still clear.

  rawprawn 17:10 26 Mar 2006

OK thanks.

  beynac 17:12 26 Mar 2006

We must have posted at the same time!! I'm pleased that the clean up tool worked for you. Personally, I wouldn't trust anything from Teknum. I don't think that their explanation covers it. Their (uninstalled) program alters my registry settings and I have seen several allegations that it stops System Restore from working. As far as I'm concerned, that classifies it as malware.

  rawprawn 19:21 26 Mar 2006

Whoopee!!!! I followed Marsh Warden © ™ link for
hbCleanUp.exe, and it looks as though it has done the trick. I was very loathe to go any further but against my better judgment I tried it and it appears to have worked. I have rebooted twice and it is still not there. However I will reserve final judgment for another week. (been here, done that)My Thanks to both of you very much for your continued interest,and hopefully resolved problem.

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