Teen movies anybody?

  961 17:28 03 Jun 2004

Am I the only one receiving a load of spam about teen movies etc today?

Don't think I've been anywhere on the net to provoke it all

  TomJerry 17:45 03 Jun 2004

Some spams just use dictionary method for their email addresses. Their automtic system just generate address by going through letter and number etc automatically. So no-one can escape from that.

Just delete and ignore them.

  end 19:45 03 Jun 2004

cannot help but notice that your "name" adds up to 16........

  961 19:55 03 Jun 2004

Got to chuckle

However, 36 in 2 hrs seems a bit ott

Only been on Argos looking for a George Foreman grill today, but there you go

  end 19:59 03 Jun 2004

maybe thAT is the problem.....>???have you put your address on anything??????? own up!!!!!

  961 20:06 03 Jun 2004

I ordered a load of stuff from Screwfix yesterday but should a tile cutter and a couple of radiator thermostats produce such a response?

Joking aside, I've had an e-mail address for a number of years and the ISP doesn't have a spam filter. I've got Mailwasher and so, as suggested above, I just delete all this garbage, but you have to wonder how much it is costing to provide server space to cope with all this rubbish

  end 22:07 03 Jun 2004

depends on what the tile cutter is up to and to what temperature the radiator controls are set............

  VoG II 22:11 03 Jun 2004

Assuming that you don't want these messages (not clear) use Mailwasher click here

  pharte 22:15 03 Jun 2004

start worrying when you get to 80 plus per day (most to date over 120). and i've got spam filters in place !!

  keith-236785 23:00 03 Jun 2004

i have an account at www. freeuk.com and regularly get about 20 e-mails a day all porn/penis enlargement (i need to know who has been talking lol)/viagra etc.......

as for my hotmail account well thats another 20 e-mails of spam every day.

just delete the e-mails, NEVER reply or click a link to remove yourself (all that does is alert them to the fact that the e-mail address is active)

  2neat 23:10 03 Jun 2004

always use a disposable e-mail address if possible click here to avoid spam. Wanadoo spam filter works very well now.

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