Technika mp3 player ???? (TESCO)

  roygbiv 13:06 26 Dec 2005

How do i use this ???

My neice has one (for xmas) and asked me to put music on for her. The instructions with it are very basic. Can only seem to get the demo mp3 (that came with it) to play , is it only windows media player , songs that go on it ?? and are CD songs mp3 (or do i need to do anything to them (convert??) to use them on this???

Sorry for asking these things,, this it totally over my head !!!! (I have win. 2000 and XP)

  realist 13:19 26 Dec 2005

To start with you need to have mp3 or wma files on your pc to transfer to the player do you have those?

  roygbiv 13:57 26 Dec 2005

Yes, I have alot of CDs on wma. In wma there is a "copy to CD or device" Is that what I am looking for?

  jack 14:34 26 Dec 2005

Snap! My daughter gave me one for Christmas too
So that where she got it - Cheap Skate!

I loaded lots of sruff on it this morning.
Treat it as a Flash media drive [assuming you are on XP] and plug it in.
Drive comes up in My computer as a drive and here you can get rid of the demo.

It play MP3 files and WAV

To get files of a CD to work they must be converted to MP3.
To do this you need dBpowerAMP music converter
on many PCA cover disks and free dowload [Do a google]
This reads files directly from CD to a folder on the PC and converts as it goes.
Dead Easy.

  roygbiv 15:23 26 Dec 2005

will try out suggestions as soon as I can.

  STREETWORK 16:00 26 Dec 2005

Its plug and play. Drag and drop your mp3's onto the icon (you can find it in my computer listed as a drive).

Quick way is to make a short cut on the desktop along with a folder for all your tunes, then drag and drop as you would with any other drive.

  jack 12:23 27 Dec 2005

Now for the woe's
First off and I guess with all this type of thing ,my ancient eyes cannot read the screen very well,oh well thats not the device , its me but a woe nonthe less.
A real woe.
As descriibed yesterday - loaded lots of MP3 and played away.
Showed around the family and Oooh Ah's were legion, until the giving daughter got hold of it.
She too went Oooh -ah,
But when I got it back the screen read - 'No MP3 'files
Perehaps she inadvertantly deleted then I thought -doesn't matter.
Check this Am on the puter and the device has the files still and played then via the puter.

So deleted , and reloaded
Device sill say no MP3 Files
Now what?
Will try a reformat and see what then.

  Ministry2 15:01 27 Dec 2005

Have tried many times to get computer to recognise the player. sometimes pc comes up with something like 'unidentified device' and 'windows cannot find driver for this device'. disk that came with player no help. My computer does not show any icon for player and control panel hardware shows nothing with problem. HELP PLEASE!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:12 27 Dec 2005

the button next to the headphones that moves side to side changes the song that you are listening to also if you push this button in you will get a list of settings where you can change things such as the eq. you can also access the voice recorder from ths point,

  jack 08:19 28 Dec 2005

You do not mention your computer details - Which operatings system 98/me/2000/xp?

  jammin 09:50 28 Dec 2005

wma takes up less space than mp3 - most mp3 will play wma so you shouldnt need to convert
uninstall your mp3 software and try installing it again. If this works OK then you need to open the folder where your music is stored ie my music folder and drag and drop to your mp3 player browser.
I totally agree re the guides that come with mp3 players - 32 languages and the bare minimum of info in each one

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