Is this technically possible.

  peter4076 23:21 03 Apr 2005

Could I purchase a new computer with latest Mobo & Cpu with plenty of Ram, and put in my HDD from this computer I'm running at the moment......What I am asking is would there be a conflict with the new mobo for arguement sake "ASUS" with the mobo I have now which is "ECS" Your thoughts on this much appreciated.

  Buchan 35 23:29 03 Apr 2005

I can`t see why you cannot use your present HDD.Probably the best thing is to go to your new mobo`s website and check. I`ve used the HDD I`ve got here in three different mobos. Theres bound to be a better informed person than me come up soon.

  LastChip 23:35 03 Apr 2005

There would be no conflict as such. Any hard drive will run with almost any motherboard, but here's the proviso.

XP in particular and W2K to a lesser degree, may not boot up. The reason for this is, they create something called a hive, which is essentially a data file that lists all your hardware. When these operating systems try to boot, they do not find what they expect and as a result, sometimes wont boot at all.

The older operating systems are much more tolerant and will generally boot-up, even if they produce conflicts that need to be sorted out.

  Forum Editor 00:16 04 Apr 2005

it will almost certainly tell you that it must be re-activated. There will also be a whole raft of new device recognitions as Windows discovers itself to be in an almost totally new hardware environment.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:44 04 Apr 2005

Yes, windows will recognise your new machine. Just make sure you have any drivers you need, for your new hardware.

  peter4076 14:02 04 Apr 2005

Lots of food for thought there, it would be much simpler if mobo's had drivers.........or am I being to simple.
What is the worst case scenario !!
A failure to boot....., or something more serious, your thoughts much appreciated.
The reason for the question is because my Mobo "ECS K7S5A ver 1.0" must be about due to expire & my 60Gig HDD is loaded with everything essential to my sanity.

  TomJerry 14:07 04 Apr 2005

to get ride of possible conflict, you need uninstall your old motherboard driver software and all the driver software which relevent to any on-board devices

FE's point about re-activate XP is something you need to conisder, for me no problem because I use large volumn XP licence which does not need to activate and we pay £20 licence fee for any new install

  woodchip 14:09 04 Apr 2005

You could put it in, but I doubt it would run, but set to Slave and you should get at your documents

  jack 14:10 04 Apr 2005

It all depends on what you envisage.
As stated there is a possability of conflict.
But if you are a buying a NEW computer.
That is a complete machine, as opposed to a set of components. Then I see no problem
Take advantage of all the goodies in the new machine including the latest version of XP and simply put your old drive with all your old guff in as a slave.
Dont forget to re-set the tag to slave.

  dan11 14:13 04 Apr 2005

" Could I purchase a new computer with latest Mobo & Cpu with plenty of Ram, and put in my HDD from this computer I'm running at the moment......"

" my 60Gig HDD is loaded with everything essential to my sanity. "

If you intend to buy a full system ( i.e. new computer as above ) with hard drive and operating system. Then you can use the old hard drive as a slave drive. This would keep all your important files. Windows even has a file transfer wizard especially for moving files, like yours, to a new machine.

If you are just purchasing a new motherboard, cpu and ram. Then as stated above, it is unlikely that windows will boot of the old hard drive. This would mean formating the drive, losing everything, reinstalling and re-activating windows.

  peter4076 14:23 04 Apr 2005

I agree with you all, and using the 60 gig HDD as a slave is fine for "My Pictures" "My Documents" etc,etc, but I dont think you can fire up any executable files, even though I have all the discs for my software, but it's all the downloads over the years that makes my computer (and this website) run as sweet as a nut, which I believe you cannot run as a slave unit.

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