Technical Support or very clever scam?

  SweetBriar 11:51 19 Nov 2011

I've been having huge problems with my laptop recently, running Windows Vists :( was planning to get it fixed but now decided to buy a new one. However, got a phone call today from woman claiming to be Windows tech support partner - I'm not a complete idiot and she sounded genuine, apart from treating me like a 5 yr old, she said my computer was sending lots of error reports and the software was very corrupted, which I'm sure it is. She confirmed my ID no - I did NOT give it to her, she gave it to me tho' I was reluctant to confirm it in case that was a clever scam. She then explained how to get up .INF .PNF files and said the .pnf were the ones corrupting my computer. At that point I ended the convo; with the greatest respect, I had NO intention of deleting any files on the word of someone who may, for all I knew, be the Hateful Hacker of Hackney!!!

Any comments/advice/"don't make me laugh" feedback would be welcome!



  johnnyrocker 11:57 19 Nov 2011

it is usually a scam


  Woolwell 12:00 19 Nov 2011

This has been a fairly well reported scam. There have been several threads about this on this forum. I'm sorry that you have missed them. Microsoft do not cold call nor do Windows tech support partners. They are after one of two things - access to your pc to get passwords, sensitive information etc or to get you to pay for a fix that you don't need. Your pc will not have been sending error reports. All pc's have error reports most are harmless.

  SweetBriar 12:00 19 Nov 2011

Hi Johnny

Yeah, that was my default reaction! Thanks


  Woolwell 12:00 19 Nov 2011

Not usually a scam - it is a scam.

  onthelimit1 12:03 19 Nov 2011

In view of all these scams going around, is it worth turning off Allow Remote etc in computer properties?

  SweetBriar 12:04 19 Nov 2011

Thanks, folks - glad my instincts were correct - I simply did not believe in that sort of service - just sorry I suspended my disbelief for as long as I did!



  lotvic 21:22 19 Nov 2011

Microsoft will not make unsolicited phone calls to help you with your computer. If you receive a phone call like this, hang up. more info ClickHere and also ClickHere

  rdave13 21:27 19 Nov 2011

SweetBriar It's funny that even though alarm bells ring when we get into these situations, and coincidence that you were having problems, there's always a bit of doubt. It's a well known con as previously stated here but you can see how people are drawn in.

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