Technical Support (IT) Question

  BBez 23:19 01 Aug 2003

What's the difference between 1st, 2nd & 3rd line technical support?

Thanks in advance...

  jazzypop 02:50 02 Aug 2003

1st line = poorly trained, reading from a script that usually begins "OK, so first format your drive and reinstall Windows"

2nd line = more experienced, writes own script that usually begins "Boot to DOS, fdisk, format, then reinstall Windows"

3rd line (usually reserved for corporate account customers only) - doesn't need a script, says "Install a new server, buy another 400 workstations, I'll send you a patch that you can apply to your new network that will solve the problem"

(With apologies to those who actually provide a decent level of customer support.)

  rabadubdub 04:24 02 Aug 2003

Nice one Jazzypop

  DieSse 08:15 02 Aug 2003

3rd line support actually do know how to fix your problem - unfortunately they're few and far between, so you have to pass a test before you can speak to them - the test is successfully getting past 1st and 2nd line support.

  spikeychris 11:38 02 Aug 2003

Gospel truth >>

Looking after a network that had been set up by a well known PC manufacturer. CD-ROM drive came of the track on one of the stations, rang 'helpdesk' for replacement.

Me: Hello we need another CD-ROM drive.

Them: why

Me: it's off the track

Them I'll send you a floppy disk with a ghost of the drive that will fix it.

Me: no it won't I need the drive

Them: Look I know what I'm talking about I've done it before

Me: how will a piece of software repair a damaged CD-ROM (hardware)

Them: How have we to get the floppy to you?


Them: why have you rung the helpdesk if you won't take our advise?

Me: goodbye....

1st line technical support mmmmmmm

  BBez 19:23 02 Aug 2003

thanks for the replies, know what job applications are requiring now...

  xania 19:35 02 Aug 2003

There is also an official answer - courtesy of ITIL and the BS standard in IT Service Management (BS15000).

click here:

1st line support is where the people who answer the phones are able to supply an answer immediately. If they cannot do so, the incident is placed in a queue to be handled by the more technically aware 2nd line support. However, there are those problems which defy in-house technicians who then have to call on suplpiers for assistance (3rd line support). So there you have it. But don't EXPECT this level from any IT suppliers and consider yourself VERY LUCKY if you do get it. This is typically for organisations providing IT support for their own computer systems users, and is very expensive to provide.

  VoG II 19:45 02 Aug 2003

At work I think we must have level ½ support.

Of course when things go wrong and you know how to fix it you find that the tool you want to use is disabled by "the administrator".

So if things go wrong, your 'puter is taken to a secret place then reappears, apparently reformatted and Windows reinstalled, with a copy of your old D drive included in your new D drive (partition on the hard disk).

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