A technical question.

  clemento 13:03 07 Jan 2005

My former Secondary School would like to get some 'state of the art' computers to either upgrade their current computer systems or to start up a brand new computer lab. I am hired to recommend computer systems to them. Without regard to the price of the hardware or software, design ONE computer system that you will recommend. The system should highlight the key features, such as the make and model of the CPU, its speed, RAM, hard drive, other drives, keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, cameras, scanner, sound cards, graphic cards, game cards, and so on. Remember, it must be 'state of the art' with all the 'bells and whistles'! I will have to visit several web sites, (manufacturers, retail outlets and magazines) to gather information. Please help me out.

  Confab 13:07 07 Jan 2005

Is this a homework question?

  €dstowe 13:10 07 Jan 2005

Contact some of the computer manufacturers directly and tell them what you are doing. They may be able to come up with some special deals/offers, especially as it is for educational use.

There are a number of small/medium size builders who are regularly mentioned on here (sometimes not favourably but don't let that put you off - the faulty things are the exception). They will doubtless have done this sort of thing before and are in best position to help you.

  easyrider 13:12 07 Jan 2005

This definately sounds like homework

  PsiFox 13:13 07 Jan 2005

I think yo may need to define "state of the art " a little more.

True cutting edge does not come cheap and would be out of date almost as soon as delivered.
I spec and build many systems for both business and home use, and when someone asks for this I will give them a spec. but suggest it is not necessary for what they wish to do. Invariably they go for the better value for money option.

The only people that really need/want a true SOTA system are very rich or just like benchmarking systems against others. Apart from companies involved in businesses that require massive crunching abilities of course.

secondary schools do not fall into these catagories as a norm.


  Graham ® 13:18 07 Jan 2005

The February issue (out now) has an article about PC components and recommendations for various budgets, plus a guide to building yourself.

  €dstowe 13:59 07 Jan 2005

Even if it is homework, my reply is still relevant.

  JIM 14:10 07 Jan 2005

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  ACOLYTE 14:15 07 Jan 2005

Who will have the last choice? i ask because it will be kids using it,and although they like to hear big words and it has this and that,they also like to see and touch,so if it looks good and the parts they can relate to ie: the keyboard, mouse, monitor they will like it even more its more about building what they like the look of rather than whats inside it,they will never i dont suspect look inside.That doesnt mean it shouldnt be top notch hardware wise,just somthing i was thinking,lol.

  DrScott 14:15 07 Jan 2005

... so you're being 'hired' to recommend a computer for your old secondary school, and your on a computer help forum asking everyone else to design it for you?!

It may just be me, but this seems a rather strange thing to be doing. Surely they hired you because you know about computers?! Are you being paid? Not sure your old school is getting value for money :)

  oldal 14:59 07 Jan 2005

I agree with DrScott that if you have been hired (ie paid) to design and make recommendations as a professional then this is not the way to go about it.
I'm sure several professional members would be willing to assist you but on a business basis, i.e consultancy fees would be required.

Also a full study would be required to establish the customer's (school's) exact current and future requirements.

Or is it as I suspect "homework " ! !

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