technical adventures (2 copies of windows me)

  [DELETED] 11:47 15 Mar 2006

i am planning to buy a second hard drive and devide it into four partitions.then copy windowsme to the first two partitions.the drivers go to the third one.all others go to the fourth. i have norton ghost 2003 and acronis OS selector 10.can these software perform this particular procedure? i am not sure if the two windowsme will function properly or co-exist together.if all goes well i am going to upgrade the other to winxp pro. are there any utilities that can do this as well?

  [DELETED] 11:56 15 Mar 2006

What on Earth are you trying to achieve by this?

For a start the drivers for your devices will need to install to the Windows System direcory and not all programs will work if they are not installed on the system disc with Windows.

Why the need for two versions of Windows Me? One was too much trouble for me,lol......better off just upgrading to XP if you ask me.

If you have some older programs that wont run with XP then dual booting with one version of Me on a single partition or the second drive is ok.But you are far better off keeping all the Windows/drivers/programs on the one partition.

  [DELETED] 13:37 15 Mar 2006

i forgot to say it clearly the first time.actually the WinMe OSes along with the programs etc...that i plan to install on the second hard drive in two partitions will be the backups of the original WindowsME and whatever else thats installed in the original hard drive.I just want to upgrade the other to Win xp pro and dual boot the PC.the drivers are also backups.will there be any problems before and after i do the upgrade?this is a scary one i know.

  [DELETED] 14:12 15 Mar 2006

Ok I understand now......for full system backups I normally use Acronis True Image and back to a folder on an external drive.

I have a 250GB drive for this...only 1 partition.
It's much easier to juast back up to folders on a full drive as partitioning can cause problems if your backups get too big fo the partition or you cant quite fit the next incremental backup in the space you have.Folders on a single partition is more versatile if you ask me.

I still think you are better off going for a full clean install of XP on its own.Use the new drive (set as master)and disconnect the old one for now leaving Me and all your programs/data intact.That is in effect a plug and go backup......disconnect the new disc and reconnect the old and you are back into Me where you started.

Reinstall all your programs on XP and you will soon see if any wont run.

Upgrading over the top of Me wont give you the dual boot option and from past experience can cause a few problems with old prgrams/drivers on the system.

To get dual boot you would need to do a fresh install of XP running the cd from within Windows Me onto the second disc or seperate partition on the old one.

Have a read of click here for more info on setting up a dual boot system.

Hope I'm not confusing you further here.

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