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Techadvisor site has so many pop up ads it's

  andy63walsh 09:27 17 Apr 2019

It makes my google chrome page move a lot, can they cut down on the ads or do I need a pop-up blocker, never had this on any other sites???

  Pine Man 10:18 17 Apr 2019

Try uBlock Origin.

  Pine Man 10:22 17 Apr 2019

Or Ghostery

  Pine Man 10:23 17 Apr 2019

Or Adblocker Ultimate

  lotvic 11:01 17 Apr 2019

Ghostery and Adblock+ (on Firefox)

  alanrwood 14:33 17 Apr 2019

You can block them all by disabling JavaScript as part of UblockOigin. To post however to enable it again. I agree that this site is over burdened with popups etc. I understand that some sites need the advertising revenue to keep going but I don't class Dennis Publishing as one of them. I would accept non intrusive,non video ads but this site has gone too far. I spend most of the spring\summer\autumn at my caravan in the lakes and it uses far too much mobile data BV which is expensive.

  bremner 16:46 17 Apr 2019

I wonder about how some of the flashing adverts may potential effect some viewers. click here

The TA about virus directly above the “post a reply” box as I type is an example.

  alanrwood 09:52 08 May 2019

What happened to WeeEddie's post as shown to be the last one.

  Pine Man 10:23 08 May 2019


He had identified a spam post which has been removed by the FE.

  lotvic 10:23 08 May 2019

alanrwood, probably there was a Spam post and wee eddie's 'FE told' were both deleted by FE's silver rodent.

  Forum Editor 12:43 08 May 2019


Pine Man and lotvic are right.

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