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  HXP 17:21 05 Apr 2010

Hi All,

Had recently to use following ( free ) tech support who were absolutely brilliant.

Well worth a visit and bookmarking - some excellent advice and some very good anti virus tools.

click here

click here

They were so helpful and friendly that i made a donation ( not like me at all LOL !)


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:58 05 Apr 2010

The irony of this post in the Helproom has not escaped me.


  birdface 19:52 05 Apr 2010

Why go to a poorer site when you can get better help on here.
Why not go back and post on the techguy site and tell them how good the PCA site is and we don't charge on here.

  Technotiger 20:23 05 Apr 2010

I agree totally with buteman, if not already done, then you should put the same post on the Tech Site as you have put here - adding that this site is totally Free.

  birdface 20:29 05 Apr 2010


Junior Member of techguys with 8 posts ]

Just wondering if you made a donation on your last 7 posts as well.

Also your post for the 4th of April was not solved but you took actions to solve it yourself.

  HXP 21:45 05 Apr 2010

Get a sense of humour and treat my post as intended to HELP others by indicating a useful site - whats your problem ?

So let me understand - I post something I think will be helpful and somehow I get responses that indicate I have offended someone's sensibilities.

Regardless this is a good site - they helped and I was pssing that on.If you guys know how to read a hijack this log then that is good I didn't - they helped me.( do you by the way ?)

With regard to the donation I was just (humorously) I thought making a comment but guess you can't be humourous on this forum.No I didn't donate for the other posts.

Can't see why you guys so annoyed to be honest - is there only one permissable source of help ?

I still think it is a useful site and stand by what I said, carry on with your posts enjoy yourselves - a bit defensive I think though - what are you worried about - someone else being helpful ? doesn't change what I posted.

HXP ( yes junior member ) well spotted !

  HXP 21:49 05 Apr 2010

Why don't you guys contact the moderator then you can get my post removed - that should fix all your worries I am sure and maintain the closed nature you seem to think should be enforced.

Like I said - can't see any problem in anyone helping anyone to be honest.


  PalaeoBill 21:54 05 Apr 2010

If you can't see the irony in your post then there is something wrong with you. You haven't insulted me, but if I worked for PC Advisor I wouldn't be too chuffed. Would you walk into newsagent and stick an advert on their window for another newsagent down the road?

Yes I can read a hijackthis log; I haven't had to because I'm always beaten too it by the regulars. If you search through the forum you will see that quite a few of them can and do read hijackthis logs.

  HXP 22:12 05 Apr 2010

I still thought this was an community where if you found something helpful it was good to pass it on.

It was a helpful site - I was just passing it on - some good tips - some good links to antivirus software - some good historical cases.

As for the irony well maybe, but hopefully Lazerus The 2nd has reported me to the moderator so that should fix it I guess.

I won't take this personally it was a genuine post meant well with no malice. If you have taken it any other way that is a pity.

I won't resolve this for a couple of days, let the moderator erase the thread as he sees fit and I understand he can also revoke my log in and user ID if he feels that is appropriate.


  johnnyrocker 22:32 05 Apr 2010

still thought this was an community where if you found something helpful it was good to pass it on.

now you know what it is like to be wrong?


  Forum Editor 01:48 06 Apr 2010

it's only natural that some of our regular forum members will be slightly defensive when a thread recommends another computer help site in such effusive terms. It's also natural that people might be suspicious that you are simply using our forum as a means to promote a site with which you have some connection.

On this occasion I decided to leave the thread online, but like the others I'm surprised that you couldn't appreciate the irony of posting a thread praising a computer help forum in another site's computer help area, especially in view of the length of time you've been registered here.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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