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  RobCharles1981 22:57 16 Apr 2010

I'm applying for an IT Technician job with Currys and there are some wonderful IT Questions which have got my brain going wondering if you can help:

The following marked * is what I'm going along with.



Customer's hard drive has become faulty and cannot be read. There is a clicking noise coming from the hard drive. Which of the following is definitely true?

The data is there but has become corrupted *
The data is completely gone
The data can be read from another computer
The data can be recovered using data recovery software
The data may be retrievable by a specialist

The computer boots into Windows but the colour depth and resolution are set really low and cannot be adjusted. What would you do?

Change the resolution in Safe Mode *
Replace the graphics card
Boot into VGA mode and change the settings
Reset the monitor to factory defaults
Reinstall the graphics card driver

  woodchip 23:10 16 Apr 2010

First one You can use Software to Rebuild the Master Boot Record If thats corrupt

Second Reinstall Driver

  RobCharles1981 23:17 16 Apr 2010

Thanks Woodchip.

  woodchip 23:24 16 Apr 2010

When you hear clicking from a Hard Drive it means that computer is trying to read it but cannot do so. This could be master boot record or Drive as had it. That would mean going to specialist most likely if info on the drive warranted the cost

  lotvic 23:28 16 Apr 2010

The data may be retrievable by a specialist

as there is a clicking noise and drive cannot be read - it's broke

  woodchip 23:34 16 Apr 2010

"it's broke" Not necessarily, as I said a bad shut down can corrupt the boot record, it will not then be able to read the drive as the record acts as a Index to all the files on the drive

  lotvic 23:39 16 Apr 2010

Yes, you're right, it might not be broke.

Anyway the question was:

Which of the following is definitely true?

so the answer 'The data may be retrievable by a specialist' is definitely true whereas none of the other answers can be said to be definitely true.

  Technotiger 07:53 17 Apr 2010

I agree with lotvic on question 1 .. 'The data may be retrievable by a specialist'

as for question 2, I would say ... 'Replace the Graphics card'

  Technotiger 07:59 17 Apr 2010

PS - the clue to my answer for questions 2, is in the words "cannot be adjusted" ... so I would assume that all efforts to make adjustments, i.e. the other four alternatives, have all been tried and failed!

  bremner 08:21 17 Apr 2010

If only one answer is correct in each then the hard drive is clearly displaying signs of mechanical problems. Drives do not click when the MBR is corrupt, the head reads the MBR finds nothing so does nothing. Therefore I would go for the data will need to be recovered by a specialist.

In the second the machine is running on the basic windows driver and so need the correct drivers installed.

  DieSse 10:52 17 Apr 2010

The first - as most above say - "the data may be retrievable by a specialist"

The second one, the question itself is not great.

If the resolution cannot be adjusted BY ANY MEANS then the card should be replaced. However, the first line of attack would always be to re-install the driver, as lack of or a corrupt driver could be responsible.

It all hinges on the original premise of the question, as you could interpret it to mean different things (like the resolution cannot be altered even though I've already tried a number of things including re-installing the graphics driver).

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