Tech guys lost my laptop

  clairemhari 10:25 23 Mar 2010

The tech guys got my laptop back on 28th Jan 2010 as the wireless wasnt connecting After numerous phone calls from me They cant find my laptop they keep telling me they have to invstigate it I have asked them to replace it or send vouchers as it way past their 6 week limit but I cant get past their call centre or get to speak to a Manager they just keep fobbing me off with Ill call u tomorrow or within 48 hours its now 9 weeks i Was also told if I didnt stop calling they would make it longer meanwhile I pay for the calls to see if they are doing anything about it and Im still paying the monthly fee to them can anyone help and whos the best person to complain to They have already said the cant find it at first they tried to tell me I got it back on 3rd Feb But the last text they sent me was 13th Feb WITH A UPDATE SO THEY FOUND OUT IT WAS LOST And I no laptop thru their incompetance

  Technotiger 15:27 24 Mar 2010

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  clairemhari 11:43 26 Mar 2010

I got a abrupt call from Joe Tech guys today to say That We had to go to the shop to get a replacement laptop instead of vouchers.. I asked why not the vouchers now as I had got a email saying that a couple of days ago the guy said he could not deal with me as the receipts in my Husbands name and he needs to call back for a ref number for the shop. I told him he worked till 8 and I had been dealing with it and he said He could'nt discuss it What I want to know is do I have to take a refurbished laptop Cos I have read some bad reports about refurb laptops from PCW or can I say I want a new one since it was not broken it was lost by Tech guys

  Technotiger 11:50 26 Mar 2010

Did he say the replacement was a re-furbished one? Maybe it is a new one. In any case, I would give Head Office a call again and explain the situation, telling them at the same, that you would require a new laptop not a re-furb! Assuming that your own 'lost' laptop was new or at least within warranty. Lay it on thick to H.O. !! You call-the-shots, not the Tech Guys!

  KremmenUK 13:40 26 Mar 2010

This is dreadful, I'd going down the small claims court for a full refund plus costs plus whatever else I was entitled to.


  kidsis 16:18 26 Mar 2010

how sweet that in the 21st century they will only deal with the man of the house.

  Ray2011 21:19 20 Oct 2011

Hi All, my wife`s laptop has been back to "DONT" know how, 3 times, last time it broke down in pc world workshops, that was on 13/10/11, as of today, we have had no reply from any one. Oh yes, told watch dog...Still waiting....I would be sacked for this lack of service...

  Ray2011 21:23 20 Oct 2011

My Wifes laptop has been back to "dont" know how 3 times, it is currantly in pc world workshops broken down again. Since 13/10/11, I have had no reply from anyone...If I messed up like this, I would be sacked...simple`s..

  Migwell 00:20 21 Oct 2011

I can’t think why anyone would buy anything from PC World. It always seems amaze me the number of people who have trouble with them, why do people not learn. My next door neighbour once bought a computer from them and had these Tec Guys nearly every week at his house. He got so fed up with them he asked me to go and be a witness as to what was being done to his computer and talk to the guy. Well I never came across a more un-knowledgeable computer repair person in my life; he talked a load of rubbish. He must have thought we knew even less than he did, In the end we contacted PCW and told them the whole sorry mess they ended up giving him vouchers to the value of £100 and telephone costs of ringing in to cover the weekly phone calls he made to contact them, then rebuilt his computer with a new motherboard, hard drive and power supply. He had paid for a warranty to take him up to 5 years. As soon as the 5 years were up he bought a new computer from e-buyer over a year ago now and it has never been a problem or had a thing go wrong with it.

I only ever go into PCW for a laugh, some of their prices for things like cables and printer ink are a joke.

  nucom 15:32 22 Oct 2011

Try contacting 'Watchdog' the TV programme. They featured the same problem quite recently with good outcome.

Not sure in you can still view previous versions of Watchdog via your computer, but may even be worth a telephone call to enquire.

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