Tech guys lost my laptop

  clairemhari 10:25 23 Mar 2010

The tech guys got my laptop back on 28th Jan 2010 as the wireless wasnt connecting After numerous phone calls from me They cant find my laptop they keep telling me they have to invstigate it I have asked them to replace it or send vouchers as it way past their 6 week limit but I cant get past their call centre or get to speak to a Manager they just keep fobbing me off with Ill call u tomorrow or within 48 hours its now 9 weeks i Was also told if I didnt stop calling they would make it longer meanwhile I pay for the calls to see if they are doing anything about it and Im still paying the monthly fee to them can anyone help and whos the best person to complain to They have already said the cant find it at first they tried to tell me I got it back on 3rd Feb But the last text they sent me was 13th Feb WITH A UPDATE SO THEY FOUND OUT IT WAS LOST And I no laptop thru their incompetance

  Technotiger 10:43 23 Mar 2010

I would immediately contact your local, Citizens Advice Bureau, local Trading Standards Office, and if necessary the Police as soon as possible.

As a matter interest, who or what shop is your 'tech guy' from?

  clairemhari 10:59 23 Mar 2010

Im not sure it got picked up from the house and took to their workshop but they did say on the phone that it had been sent to East Kilbride depot and they also said someone at the East Kilbride office had signed for it on 3rd Feb I did say well the investigation should start there but now 23 March and they still waiting on a email from East Kilbride yeah a no what a joke

  Technotiger 12:37 23 Mar 2010

Yes, but what firm is it?

  clairemhari 12:42 23 Mar 2010


  Technotiger 13:28 23 Mar 2010

01727 202120 This is the phone number of PC Worlds' Head Office - Give them a call, I am sure that your problem will be moved-along much quicker. I would complain on the telephone in the strongest possible tones!! Let them know exactly how upset you are.

Make notes of everything they say or promise to do, and tell them you are making notes.

Good luck.

Let us know how you get on.

  clairemhari 13:46 23 Mar 2010

Thanks, Gave them a call spoke to Helen who said I had been treated badly but she would have to put me through to the East Kilbride office that was at 13.34 the phone rung out till 13.39 when it cut off so I will have to put all this in writing and send it to a Director of the company and special delivery the mail It is a problem they wont win they are at fault and law on my side but thanks anyway worth a try

  Technotiger 14:20 23 Mar 2010

I would phone Helen back and tell her exactly what you are experiencing each and every time it happens - push them like hell, you could also mention that you are being advised by this forum! Also put this in writing to the Director.

  kidsis 16:30 23 Mar 2010

"i Was also told if I didnt stop calling they would make it longer"

Someone at Head Office really should put a stop to this sort of thing. Whenever I ring a call centre these days there is a message that all calls are being recorded, it would be a very good idea if that particular company were to look in to recording all calls in each of their shops. Then if necessary they could listen back to hear what a member of staff said. Would anyone mind if their telephone call to a shop were recorded if it meant staff rudeness could be proved?

  clairemhari 14:52 24 Mar 2010

Just to let you Know I contacted Trading Standards And they helped I also sent Head Office a email letting them know Trading Standards were involved and Pc Advisor were advising me Guess what Email today saying they wrote of the laptop on 23rd March and I was getting Vouchers sent to me So Thank you very much I should have came on here days ago Cos the day you got involved my laptop got wrote off Thanks again

  Technotiger 15:24 24 Mar 2010

Grreat, thanks for your feedback - only too glad to have helped.

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