armstrongpiper 21:22 02 Sep 2008

My computer has started to display a message for a programme called teatimer each time I want to shut-down. It says 'ending programme' but I don't know which programme it is referring to. I do know it has something connected with Spybot, but why has it started to appear now, as I have been using Spybot for a few years and haven't seen it until a few days ago? Unless I agree to shut down this teatimer, the computer won't stop! Anyone give me some advice, please?

Neil B

  MAT ALAN 21:36 02 Sep 2008

click here
this should explain what its doing.

Maybe a good time to give your PC a thorough scan...

  RFB 21:37 02 Sep 2008

Here you go.. click here

  RFB 21:38 02 Sep 2008

To slow for you Mat Alan 8-)

  MAT ALAN 21:39 02 Sep 2008

Its a gift, ya can't learn it LOL...

  DieSse 21:41 02 Sep 2008

It's a facility in Spybot, which monitors changes to vital files/settings - and warns you if any occur. Warns you a bit too often for my tastes, so I've disabled it.

If you recently updated Spybot, this might explain why it's become a bit more prominent.

My personal advice is to switch it off anyway.

You can switch it off by changing the mode to Advanced - go to Tools - Resident, and unchecking the box.

It should close down automatically - if you want to keep it in operation, but fix the close down, I suggest you uninstall the program - then download and install a fresh copy of the latest version.

  armstrongpiper 16:17 04 Sep 2008

Thanks for your responses. I have uninstalled and re-installed Spybot S&D (I couldn't find a truly Free download, but it only cost £2,11 from Softonic International) and this has, at least for now, got rid of the annopying Tea Timer messages on Shut Down.

Thanks again, Neil B

  rossgolf 16:27 04 Sep 2008

lol you shouldnt be paying for spybot, download it from click here
this is the place for many useful free tools that are mentioned on this site

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