Tearing out hair trying to publish NOF!

  pete47 22:38 14 Apr 2006

Hi there,
Am trying to upload an updated site written in Net Objects Fusion MX.click here
Site is 4 pages. I am able in NOF to site preview and local publish ok but when I Remote Publish pages 1&2 don't seem to load at all - all I get is the old pages that were up before the update.
Pages 3&4 have no images or links appearing.
My isp's help is hopeless - get different answers which dont work everytime i contact them, but apparently to get the pics / links buttons to appear i need to "edit the source code and delete the /html bit for all the pages" Can any one please tell me in idiot proof computer dummy language how do do this? and why is NOF creating these addresses for pages/pics/links when they aren't able to upload.
Any help most gratefully received. Thanks.
Pete Hansford.

  Forum Editor 23:28 14 Apr 2006

is tgrying to load the missing images from a directory called 'html' which is not where they are, or where they should be.

The quickest line between A and B here is for me to have a quick look at your site structure on the server.

If you're up for it, send me your ftp address and login details, and I'll take a quick look. Then I'll post back here with the answer.

  harristweed 10:42 15 Apr 2006

I've had a look and the 'new' index file (dated 14/05/2006) is named 'index' it will not display because it needs to be named 'index.html'.

The old index.html (dated 13/10/2005) is there and this is the file that will display.

Same with 'liz_hansford_treatments' needs to be 'liz_hansford_treatments.html'.

Hope this helps. (sorry can't help with NOF don't use it!)

  Forum Editor 12:29 15 Apr 2006

and (as you have probably realised) things are somewhat confused.

To be honest, I'm not going to be able to provide you with an "idiot proof computer dummy language" explanation of how to fix the various problems, because it would take too long here. My best advice is that you start designing the site again, from scratch, and this time stick to some basic rules:-

1. By default, NOF creates a site structure called an 'asset' structure - as opposed to what's called a 'flat' structure (which is sometimes required on some servers). This asset structure requires that all image files are stored in a folder on the server called - not surprisingly - 'assets'. All your image files should be in that folder, and the way to set this up when you design the site is to go into Assets view, and import all the images that you'll be using. import them from wherever you have them stored on your hard drive. NOF will look for them there when it's publishing the site to the server, and it will put them all in the proper place.

2. Don't use any upper-case letters in your filenames.

3. Name your pages - treatments.html contact.html and whatever.html Keep the names short and descriptive of their content.

4. Work methodically. If you have many images and decide not to use some of them, delete them from the assets folder. That way you won't end up with dozens of image files that aren't in use - they simply contribute to confusion when you're subsequently editing the site. You can always bring them back into assets if you need them.

6. Get an FTP program (I use WSFTP Pro) so you can look at the site directories and files. That way you'll be able to see NOF doing its job, and you'll develop a far better sense of how the site works.

7. Be ruthless - delete everything that's not actually being used in the active site. It's easy to accumulate files (old_pic_of_that-boat_not_now_used.jpg) that are obsolete, or that might be used one day, and they'll just add to the sense of disorganisation and clutter up the server folders.

5. Read the excellent NOF guides, they are designed to step you through the process, and you'll find them very helpful.

I haven't touched any of your server files (although the temptation was there) because that would simply add to the confusion. My advice is that you delete everything on the server and start over - don't try to overwrite the existing files because you'll compound the problem.

Come back to your thread as many times as you like with specific problems, or requests for advice - that's what we're here for.

  pete47 13:50 15 Apr 2006

Pete H.

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