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Teamviewer Scam Fix?

  Legslip 23:14 01 May 2011

A friend has fallen foul of the scam and downloaded Teamviewer and allowed access to his PC and, god forbid, given his Cred Card details.

I have told him to stop his card immediatly and leave his PC switched off. What actions are necessary to ensure the security of his PC?

  Legslip 23:35 01 May 2011

Thanks RDave. It's the usual one and well known. You get a phone call advising you have viruses or other problems and told to download Teamviewer. They then have access to your PC and tell you they will resolve for a fee and ask foe Cred Card details. Sorry, but they are bastards and want hangin...

Anyway, not sure your advice will ensure solution as I think they get into the root of the PC. See what the thread brings.

  mimosa418 23:56 01 May 2011

Who actually contacted your friend. You suggest that the scam is being perpetrated by Teamviewer, which is a reputable company with useful free software.

  Legslip 00:02 02 May 2011

No it's not Teamviewer contacting people. It's scammers using Teamviewer as the access medium to PC's.

  Legslip 00:20 02 May 2011

Hello again Dave. These scams are well known. Users get a call from someone reputedly from Microsoft, but they are NOT. I'm going to uninstall Teamviewer, use System Restore to go back a few days, run Superantispyware and Malewarebytes then do an antivirus scan. Just need to be confident that this is enough.

  Legslip 00:34 02 May 2011

Thanks Dave. Think we agree that if I carry out the actions, we should be OK but i will be interested to see if any other contributors to the issue.

  bremner 10:53 02 May 2011

There is only one sure fire way to be 100% certain of removing everything that these thieves could have installed and that is a reformat and reinstall.

I had a friend come to me having been scammed in this way and I found five programs they had installed but could not say for sure others were not there and hidden.

  bremner 11:39 02 May 2011

I agree an Image will save time and be better as long as it was created as a "clean image"i.e just the O/S and freshly installed applications. I have seen images containing viruses and malware and years of rubbish.

However if you haven't got one then a reinstall is what you are left with.

  lotvic 00:10 11 Sep 2011

GWheeldon welcome to the forum. You need to start your own thread with your question as not etiquette to drag up someone else's old thread. It means that 'Legslip' will now get an email notification everytime someone posts on here.

Click on 'Ask a Question' at the top and post your question. I suggest as a title you use something like: Remote Support Phone Scam

  onthelimit1 18:37 10 Oct 2011

Yes, it surely is. Teamviewer, however, is a legitimate company which I use to help my brother when he gets stuck with his PC. BUT, the scammers are using it for their nefarious ends, so just hang up.

  lotvic 14:31 17 Oct 2011

RobPaul I think if you read the posts you will see that many have already said that Teamviewer is genuine program and that it is the cold call scammers using TV and similar programs as a tool to gain access to pc's that are the problem.

Good advice that, to say "My computer is an Apple Mac" to get rid of them on the phone.

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