Teaching a child how to tell the time

  bumpkin 21:08 20 Nov 2015

Moving away from the usual doom and gloom we get here, my Grand Daughter wants to be able to tell the time. Of course her mother and I can teach her that but I found an easier explanation available on the net click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:02 20 Nov 2015

Got several Dave Allen sketches this is one of my favourites.

  compumac 09:59 21 Nov 2015


Thanks for that

  Border View 10:10 21 Nov 2015

Bumkin - thank you for lightening my day. Magic.

  Border View 10:10 21 Nov 2015

Sorry that should read Bumpkin not Bumkin.

  compumac 10:29 21 Nov 2015

We do not seem to have that type of humour on the TV these days.

Much missed

  bumpkin 13:10 21 Nov 2015

I have just noticed that I have posted this in the Helproom and not Speakers, Whoops.

  LastChip 13:35 21 Nov 2015

I was in hysterics watching that. Absolutely brilliant.

It always strikes me watching these "old time" comedians, how they manipulated words to get the laughs. OK, he did "lightly" swear once, but it wasn't the constant stream of foul mouthed swearing that passes for comedy today.

Classic comedy - loved it!

  compumac 15:08 21 Nov 2015


Helproom or Speakers - well worth the posting!

  bumpkin 17:09 21 Nov 2015

I am pleased others appreciated it, I only stumbled across it by chance whilst googling about children and time:-)

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