tea in the laptop

  ricvic 21:52 21 Aug 2004

Please don't laugh!
A quarter mug of cold tea was spilled into my 4 month old toshiba sat A10 laptop. I am told by the perpetrator (not me!) that it immediately blacked off. When I inspected, roughly 30 minutes later, the power light was blinking feebly but otherwise there was no life in it at all.

The keyboard does not appear to lift out.

I've taken the HDD out and got the data onto my desktop - this was my main concern since my backup was a couple of days old. I therefore know that the HDD works. I've taken out the battery (which is dry, due to being in a sealed compartment within the laptop case) and taken off the covers, but only a dribble of cold tea emerges.

I suspect that the power supply/motherboard has shorted and this will be an insurance claim. I bought from Savastore on a buy now pay later deal, but the warranty is not going to cover cold tea (or is it?).

Any ideas of what i could do to resurrect it?

  Valvegrid 22:00 21 Aug 2004

If its only 4 months old, I think its wise to send it back to be repaired, but be prepared to pay, because it won't be under warranty. I think maybe speak to the insurance company first to find out the position.

Good luck.

  ricvic 08:05 22 Aug 2004

I shall certainly have to pay. I've sent Toshiba an email so that I can get on to this first thing Monday.

  Valvegrid 08:09 22 Aug 2004

I think the insurance will pay under your house contents insurance, clearly it wasn't malicious. It just that the insurance company might want to send an assessor first.

Good luck, hope you get it sorted.

  [DELETED] 08:20 22 Aug 2004

A claim on a household policy would be valid, BUT only it your cover has an accidental damage extension. Check you policy. I would also check the terms of the savastore pay later deal, there may be accidental damage cover included in that.

  ricvic 08:54 22 Aug 2004

Thanks for that. I'll check it up.

  [DELETED] 08:56 22 Aug 2004

At last. Nearly 30 years in the insurance business has been of help!
Good luck.

  ricvic 09:00 22 Aug 2004

The best things are worth waiting for!

  BT 09:08 22 Aug 2004

Sounds familiar!!
My wife dropped ICE CREAM in hers.It doesn't half make a mess. We managed to clear most of it out and it still worked. PC World replaced the keyboard under the warranty when we had to take it in for another problem.

  accord 09:14 22 Aug 2004

i spilled red bull on my work laptop, luckily all it needed was a new cd rom drive and a good clean of the keys which became sticky. It was a leason learned not to drink near your laptop.

BTW: unfortunately it doesnt go any faster after this episode.

  wee eddie 19:58 22 Aug 2004

if you spill any liquid on an electrical appliance.

CUT the Power Supply: - Fast.

The mains switch, even though you may cause a couple of temporary problems, is probably the best.

UP END: whatever it is that you have spilt liquid on to, so that gravity removes the bulk of the liquid.

ALLOW IT TO DRY: especially if liquid has entered the interior, before you even consider switching the power on again.

I know that this thread is about how to get some money back, but quick action can frequently solve the problem. And then all you need to do is remove the milk and sugar!

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