TDK CDRW321040X drivers ?

  Indigo 1 11:54 04 Jul 2004

My CD-RW has stopped reading and writing discs.

I have checked with Device Manager but it reports no problems or conflicts.

Light on front of drive comes on when a disk is inserted but goes off quickly, drive can be heard spinning and on-screen indicator (CD/cursor) flicks on and off but message says 'No disc' or 'No Writable Media in drive'.

I have done a Google search for drivers but found nothing.

I have downloaded the only available "driver" from but it doesen't work or even open (will now have to check for Worms, Trojans etc.)

I suspect the laser head might need cleaning but first, does anyone have any other ideas before I take it apart and get the 'Brillo' pads out ?

  Rayuk 14:37 04 Jul 2004

For the sake of £20 is it worth all the hassle?

Do you mean a firmware update as opposed to drivers

  Stuartli 15:13 04 Jul 2004

At the risk of sounding repetitive, you don't need anything but the basic Windows CDROM driver for CD/DVD drives - rewriters obviously do also require a burning program...:-)

Try Removing the drive in Device Manager and letting Windows reinstall it and its CDROM driver.

There is usually no need or requirement to update firmware, as I think you are suggesting; if you do go ahead and get it wrong then it's very likely that the drive will be fit only for the dustbin.

As you have checked the drive in Device Manager to ensure that it is working correctly, have you also checked that all leads and IDE connections are firm and properly seated?

Laser cleaning is very rarely, if ever, needed - drives are very well sealed apart from the short time the tray is opened and closed.

I've got the TDK CyClone 24x10x40 drive, which is used extensively and has given no problems (not the case with the TDK Plextor-based and rebadged Vortex 12x10x32x I had before - well two of them which both proved to have the same fault and which TDK replaced with the Samsung-based CyClone).

It must be stated though that rewriters are not the most robust or long-lived computer component and it may well be that you need a replacement. That's why a rewriter should really be kept only for burning and a CD/DVD-ROM drive (set as Slave) used for audio, software installation etc.

As CD-RW drives are from as little as £18-£20 upwards now for the top speeds, top brand models, if you can't get your TDK working it's time for a new one..:-)

  bremner 15:24 04 Jul 2004

.and a 8x DVD writer is less than £50 click here

  Indigo 1 15:37 04 Jul 2004

I am a little reluctant to replace this CD-RW as it is less than 2 yrs old and cost about 120 quid new !

It is set up as slave to my DVD-ROM and is only used for writing and re-writing discs, and only very occasionally used to play them back.

I am going to get the 'Brillo' out and only if that fails to cure the problem will I consider a replacement.


BTW I don't actually mean that I am going to attack the Laser lens with a Brillo pad, just in case anyone tries to talk me out of it, I know a much more delicate way of doing it with a bucket of hot water and Domestos. 80)

  Stuartli 15:55 04 Jul 2004

12x DVD-RW drives are not all that much more....


The rewriter should be the Master and the DVD-ROM drive the Slave on the secondary IDE channel.

If not already done, enable DMA for both drives.

Your rewriter's either "only used for writing and re-writing disks", which is as it really should be, or "and only very occasionally used to play them back" - can't be both set of circumstances...:-)


Thin bleach is better than Domestos in this instance, but don't get it on a wooden computer desk top - it doesn't do it any good.....

You may well need the Brillo pad then.

  Stuartli 15:56 04 Jul 2004

.. Indigo 1 and not ..ara071286...

  Stuartli 16:01 04 Jul 2004

My slower TDK CyClone rewriter was listed at £189 when TDK provided it FOC to replace the faulty Vortex drive(s).

The Vortex only cost me £68 at Scan of Bolton...:-)

TDK provided exceptional after sales service as the faulty drives had to go back to Luxembourg, where their HQ is based, entirely at its own expense using DHL.

  bremner 16:05 04 Jul 2004

very true click here 12x @ £62

  Indigo 1 16:12 04 Jul 2004

Well I got it working by uninstalling and re-booting. Although I do suspect the threat of hot water and Domestos might have woke it up.

I always overlook that little tip of uninstalling and re-installing hardware when it gives problems, mainly because I can't understand why it should work afterwards if it won't work before, same drivers in use, same configuration, no alterations to registry etc.


"Your rewriter's either "only used for writing and re-writing disks", which is as it really should be, or "and only very occasionally used to play them back" - can't be both set of circumstances...:-)" Pedant !


Anyway I'll put it down to the mysterious and Alchemic world of PC maintenance and can now tick the box.

Thanks to Stuartli and everyone else who responded.

Cheers 80)

  Stuartli 16:33 04 Jul 2004

But there would be no need for forums if everything worked as it should - and this is just one forum in many hundreds, nay thousands..:-)

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