TDK Bluetooth Dongle

  Citizen Snips 12:11 31 Mar 2005

Hello Guys,

I've been trying to use a TDK USB Bluetooth Dongle for quite a while now to connect to my Nokia 6230,however after installing the software that came with the dongle,I still can't seem to get the two to connect. Everytime I try it's as if the dongle's not attached to the PC,when the indicator light on the dongle itself is clearly lit with a steady green light to indicate it's properly connected.

I've tried to use TDK's website but that's worse than useless,so I was hoping one of you guys has encountered a similar problem,and that you've managed to get around it.

Thanks in advance,Mike

  PUNKA 13:08 31 Mar 2005

Hi,I too have the 6230 but use a dongle purchased off E-BAY. I take it you have paired the devices via your phone's Bluetooth function this is so you can "Talk" between the two devices.If you have then you will see the Phone with your I.D. in the Menu on the Start up page of your Bluetooth Software.
If not Uninstall,reload, and try again.

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