TCP/IP problem on Broadband connection?

  User-BDCEDE6F-B9BE-4B7A-91A901FEC5710802 19:14 18 Nov 2007

Don't know if my problem is related to TCP/IP but I've suddenly lost my broadband connection.

Switched on this morning and my broadband modem said no dial tone - called Tiscali and they said there was no problem with my line. I uninstalled and re-installed the modem and it then connected OK but even though I connected I can't actually do anything as nothing sends or receives.

Is this a TCP/IP problem?

My dial up connection still works and I've done a system restore to a couple of days ago but it made no difference.

Any ideas?


  ambra4 04:08 15 Dec 2007

Try doing a TCP/IP and Winsock Repair

click here

  Ashrich 22:18 15 Dec 2007

You don't have a dial tone with broadband ....why is it listening for one ? You'd best go through the settings for the modem again and see if anything has changed .


  Daveboy 22:02 17 Dec 2007

It may be "lights on" but is it logging you in ? Have you re-entered your username/password ?

  Chaindrive1970 10:55 18 Dec 2007

I had a problem with my Belkin router where i would lose connection to the internet. the only way to resolve it was to log into the router and restart/reboot it. What router are you using?

If you are using broadband you should set it to never dial a connection...

  recap 11:32 18 Dec 2007

Look in the 'Event Viewer' in Control Panel/Administrative Tools to see if there are any DHCP errors. If there are then it is your ISP not releasing a new IP address.

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