TCP/IP disabled after deleting MBS ple

  bof:) 15:59 23 Jun 2007

Hi all, after following the posting to get rid of MBS (Micro Bill Services)popup my frinds pc will no longer connect to the internet.

When he clicks on start the 'Connect via' option has disappeared.

He is using One-Tel, both lights on the modem show as green.

In 'Services' most are disabled. He's managed to get Telephony:plug and Play:Network Connections started.

TCP/IP is disabled and he cannot get it to start via Properties or All Tasks (everything is greyed out).

Network DDE and Network DDEDSDM is started on his pc but on mine they are disabled.(could this be because I'm Cable whilst he is ADSL?)

The files that where deleted from his System32 folder to get rid of the MBS popup are as follows:


As far as I'm aware deleting these should not stop him connecting to the internet, so why can't he?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks,


  brundle 16:00 23 Jun 2007
  bof:) 17:19 23 Jun 2007

Hi brundle, I notice in the link it says 'only use as a last resort'. I'd like to see if there are any other options first.

If I did use the program, will resetting the TCP/IP automatically recognise One-Tel?



  brundle 19:12 23 Jun 2007

Set a system restore point before using it. It's never caused any issues for me. If your TCP/IP is broken it's either that or an LSP-Fix, which also comes with warnings. click here

Removing and re-installing any USB modem drivers might help too.

  bof:) 19:45 23 Jun 2007

Hi brundle, ok thankyou for the advice. I did ask if my friend had a previous system restore point but he didnt.

Upon checking his system restore it appears not to be working properly. He cannot get out of the month of June 2007.

I've asked him if he has his One-Tel installation cd and he is trying to find it.

Thanks again, Mike

  namtas 22:02 24 Jun 2007

Did I read somewhere that it was suspected that this software disabled all the PC restore points

  bof:) 10:48 27 Jun 2007

Hi namtas do you mean the MBS program? I read all 12 pages of the posting on this site and nobody mentioned their Restore Points being disabled.

You could be right though because most of the services on my friends pc have been disabled.

I'm waiting for him to get back to me about contacting One-tel to see if they can manually reset his TCP/IP for him and/or send him another installation cd (he cannot find his). Also waiting too hear if he's downloaded the two programs suggested by brundle.

I'll give an update when I hear from him.

Many thanks for your help so far,


  bof:) 13:02 27 Jun 2007

Hi All,

Dad email today from friend. He cannot download programs on works pc cos security stops him.

He's rang Onetel who are sending out a new disk. When he gets this in 3-5 days they will talk him through re-installation + any problems that arise.

Will let you know how he gets on.


  bof:) 12:49 04 Jul 2007

Hi all, friend now connected to the net.

click here

for final posting on this problem that began as removing Micro Billing Services popup.

many thanks to everyone for all of your help and support its very much appreciated.


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