skeletal 16:40 26 Nov 2003

Greetings all

Now I'm on BB and using a router with an internal firewall, it keeps telling me that it has prevented a "TCP SYN FLOOD attack", up to a few hundred per day recently.

Now, I thought these were attempts by crawlers to put malware into a machine which can then launch a DoS attack, like last night.

Do you think last night and my "attacks" are related? i.e., if it were not for the firewall, would I have unwittingly taken part in last night's DoS?

Have others had this message, often? Or is it just the "normal" pinging that goes on all the time and the router is, in fact, being paranoid?


  canard 16:57 26 Nov 2003

Did you mean the NTL outage? Lots of terrifying things on my Sygate firewall but no TCP SYN FLOOD mentioned.

  skeletal 17:11 26 Nov 2003

Lots happened last night. DoS attack on Zone Alarm apparently, put lots out (including me). See thread Why the Web is slow tonight


  Gongoozler 17:21 26 Nov 2003
  skeletal 17:41 26 Nov 2003

Gongoozler...oooeerr! Thanks for the link...I understood a bit of it. I think the main thing is that I don't want to be attacked!!

Can it really be true that little old me is getting so many "hits"? If so I'm glad the router has a firewall!

I expected my link to another thread would be a hyperlink, but it didn't work this time...must have done something wrong...


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