tcp ip server receiving message problem

  safaka1 10:25 10 Mar 2018

I want to send any character from browser to tcp server.

HTTP connect status ( from browser write on bar. click here on video

I used mobile app HTTP shortcuts mobile app sending message : click here message:,GET /deneme HTTP/1.1 Connection: close User-Agent: HttpShortcuts/1.19.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.4.4; SM-T113 Build/KTU84P) Host: Accept-Encoding: gzip

but if we use mobile phone tcp terminal app.

I am sending text with tcp/udp terminal ( mobile app.)

only receive (,den)

Please find the youtube video about this sybject. video language turkish but you can understand problem on video. click here to send message on web browser to tcp server? Like a mobile app.


receiving How

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