tb.exe ? what is it

  shidtsu 20:18 29 Sep 2003

Help Please
I am with Tiscali pay as you go.
Every time i try to get my favourites to open up i get this message from Microsoft.
tb.exe has caused a fault, Do you want to report it, When i click yes or no it shuts down my tiscali home page and i have to re-enter again.
I have tried removing Tiscali altogether and re-installing it but this makes no difference, It is still there.
Anyone knows how to repair this fault please.

  MAJ 20:30 29 Sep 2003

Which operating system are you using, shidtsu? It might be unrelated to the Tiscali software, but to find out uninstall the software and set up a connection to Tiscali manually, make sure and take note of your account's details before uninstalling the Tiscali software (Phone number etc.). It also resemles some sort of spyware, run Adaware click here or Spybot click here to clean your system of spyware, see does it help any.

  Djohn 20:30 29 Sep 2003

TB.exe is "Toolbar dialogue" Not sure on how to correct it. It may be a corrupt file in windows Explorer that needs replacing. Try a reinstall of IE6, this may cure the problem. j.

  MAJ 20:41 29 Sep 2003

tb.exe isn't part of XP or Win98SE (unless it's in one of the newer updates), that's what makes me think it is either part of the Tiscali software or else it's a spyware component.

  Djohn 20:56 29 Sep 2003

I agree, I haven't been able to find it myself in windows or IE, just a reference to it being a toolbar dialogue. Sorry for any confusion. j.

  shidtsu 21:01 29 Sep 2003

Hi Guys
Sorry for ommiting my operating system. I am running windows home xp.
I will now try some of the suggestions and will get back to the helproom soon.
Many Thanks

  shidtsu 14:51 12 Oct 2003

Hi Guys
Sorry i am late getting back to you, I,ve been away.
tb.exe is to do with digital I.D in Windows XP i have found out, I now have to find where i can get rid of it.
Thanks all

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