Tautology Meter.. Worrying me with Totals..

  russmini 17:07 22 May 2005

Downloaded this much applauded program a couple of weeks ago but its scaring me a little on the totals it has started telling me !!

On the 13th, it reported that the Total was 8.05GB !!!

Now i did not think i would get anywhere near this in a MONTH let alone a DAY !

Friday was just over 300MB !!

Where is all this upload / download coming from ?

Also it always reports the upload and download to be the same.. is this correct ?

My allowance is 2GB a month, so there is the first worry but Wanadoo have assured me as they are not measuring usage properly yet it will be ok, but what about in the future ?


So i would have thought ok there, do not do intensive things on the net just on here, looking around etc etc no music downloading, i did listen to Live365 radio the other day but only for a couple of hours.

Please Help


  Pesala 17:36 22 May 2005

click here See if it gives similar results. I'm on 1 Mbyte NTL B/B and get about 3 Gbytes a month usage. I don't download much music or video, just some streaming BBC news etc., but I do spend many hours online every day.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:42 22 May 2005

Try Netmeter click here see if it give the same results.

  russmini 18:47 22 May 2005

I do actually have that as well on here, but just realised how to look at it properly, so i will keep an eye on this to see what it reckons.

Will keep this open for a bit to see if anyone else has an opinion.

  Stuartli 19:09 22 May 2005

I use the Tautology meter - its readings reveal a daily use of about four to six MB a day and an IN/OUT total so far for almost a full month of just over 130MB.

Perhaps you should check the settings again or reinstall it as your figures seem far too high.

  Stuartli 19:11 22 May 2005

You require the readings from the MS TCP loopback interface, not the WAN (see top of panel).

  russmini 19:35 22 May 2005

ah, that was going to be another question !!

What the hell is the difference between the things ?

Don't know what they mean, let alone what they are / do

Help.. Thanks..

  russmini 22:28 22 May 2005

bumping cause of jattman

  Stuartli 23:36 22 May 2005

I presume the TCP is the basic dialup protocol cov erage and the WAN will be area network usage - why the readings are so remarkably different I don't know...:-)

In fact I only noticed the two choices when I checked my own totals - the figures have been low enough not to check too often since I switched to BB about a month ago.

On Tiscali's broadband offers page there is a note that the ISP has discovered that the average broadband customer uses about 0.8GB a month usage, so a 2GB cap won't affect most people, There is also a chart which lists the probable total of average Internet use daily over a month.

  russmini 20:05 27 May 2005

Now running Netmeter, with much better and less worrying totals !

Maybe something went a little off when Tautolgy was downloaded, well not sure but happy now.

Thanks again..

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