Tatung TDA1156- Is it just simply a piece of junk?

  michaelowen 23:33 23 Jan 2004

Can anyone help? My girlfriend has a Tatung TDA 1156 purchased in 1999 with Windows 98, with an Athlon 400 processor and currently 96MB of Ram.
Firstly, the PC takes about ten minutes to boot up, and sometimes may not even boot properly, which means it may be shut down and restarted. An 'illegal Opperation' of every kind displays itself no matter what program is being used, and most times when I open a program or click something the whole thing freezes up. It takes about five minutes to connect via dial-up to the net. I have tried everything with this PC.
Scan disk comes up clean. Fully updated anti-virus comes up clean. The drive is de-fragmented regularally. I tried removing all the large sized applications and minimising the number of programs that run at start up to take pressure off the proccessor and hard drive to no avail.
Windows first edition is installed as origional system, but the disk supplied says SE. It won,t upgrade from 1st to 2nd, and for some reason in add/remove, it won't allow un-installing of 1st edition. I thought the problem may be a corrupt opperating system. I'd upgrade to Windows XP, but would need to be sur this will solve the problem. Is it the opperating system, or perhaps the Athlon proccessor being too slow, or can you think of any reason, or is this PC just a piece of crap? After all, believe it or not, but any Tatung Tech support I contacted never heard tell of the TDA 1156! Are they running from the problem here or what? Please help.

Your PC will not run XP so dont bother - 96Mb of ram is miniscule in todays terms and it is little wonder that the PC seems "Slow".

I would try a complete reformat of the hard drive and reinstall 98 SE if you have the disks as this may help but otherwise, it would seem to be a case of putting up with it - although scan disk and defrag are being run the amount of clutter accumulated on the hard drive must be slowing it down.

  Stuartli 12:48 24 Jan 2004

If it's a full version of Windows 98SE:

Get a bootable floppy disc.
Boot from it.

Do the following:

cd \windows
ren win.com win.bak
e: [or whatever drive letter the Win98 disc is in]
cd \win98

You may need to set the floppy as the first boot device in the Bios.

  Stuartli 13:06 24 Jan 2004

I "only" have a 400MHz Celeron with 256MB of RAM - Windows XP Pro runs very happily on my system, which dates back to 1999 with regards to the Elite P6BXT-A+ mobo and the CPU.

Only upgrades have been from 128 to 256MB of RAM, switching from a Voodoo Banshee to an nVidia GeForce2 MX400 graphics card, DVD-ROM rather than CD-ROM and a TDK rewriter.

It's not going to handle massive video editing tasks etc but it all works well enough for me for the purposes to which I put it.

Mind you if any rich uncles or aunts were to pass on...

Unfortunately I don't have any...:-(

  anchor 16:30 24 Jan 2004

The advice given above is sound. Obviously, we don't know what other programmes are installed, but I suggest that after the re-installation of Windows, you run msconfig. There you can see what programmes are loaded at start up. Prune these down to the bare essentials.

There is no reason why your girlfriends PC should not boot in a reasonable time, and run most normal software.

  michaelowen 23:05 18 Feb 2004

I'm interested to hear from those of you who have bought and used non-origional ink cartridges, i.e. not the genuine manufacturer.
Can you tell me what brands you've used. Are there any just as good in your view, are there any I should stay clear of? I have an Epson Cx5200 all-in-one.


  anchor 08:52 19 Feb 2004


If you post this question starting a new thread, you are more likely to get a response.

You ticked this thread, but did not say what the outcome was. It helps others to see what advice was successful, or not.

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