tasks which drain batteries

  catkinq 10:30 17 Dec 2009

What sort of tasks do drain batteries please? I keep readin gabout "light use" and "heavy use" but can find no references to what constitutes light or heavy use. TIA,

  johndrew 13:55 17 Dec 2009

The terms are fairly self explanatory I think.

If your PC is on it will use power. The more you use it (browsing, running software, using the CD/DVD drive, etc) the more power it will use.

  Terry Brown 15:04 17 Dec 2009

Every time you use a device that requires power, harddrive,CD/DVD, USB stick, modem) etc, you are using power from your battery.

The best way is NOT to use the CD/DVD unless you are plugged into the mains as they are mechanical devices and use considerable power.

If you frequently shut down and restart your computer, this also uses a lot of power.

Browsing uses a small amount of extra power nd downloading uses more (look at the Harddrive light, as the more it is on, the more power you are using.

  catkinq 16:23 17 Dec 2009

sorry if I'm asking stupid questions here but so some applications use more power than others - ie I had some idea that certain programs used more computign power (and so activated the fan more) than others. Is this true? If so then is wordprocessing light use?

  Diemmess 18:04 17 Dec 2009

From the top of my head:

Multi tasking is what current PCs are supposed to do well. i.e. You can have say Word and Internet running at the same time.

Neither take much power individually, but depend on what you are doing.
A long document with inserted pictures and tables, + another elaborate Word document open at the same time, will begin to slow things down and if you are impatient when switching your focus from one thing to another it may precipitate a freeze or a crash.

Then there may be a fussy anti malware busy checking things in an effort to justify their high price. Some are much more hungry than others.

If you are into some heavyweight like Photoshop CS#, then that alone can spawn a lot for the PC to handle, but I have an octaganarian friend who is only into Photoshop and does marvellous things with XP and a modest configuration.

Gamers live in a different world and need high power graphics in particular. In my opinion quite modest graphic cards will do the trick for anyone else

  canarieslover 19:25 17 Dec 2009

Not related to running tasks, but using it on your lap, without proper airflow, results in the fan being used much more than would be necessary if the laptop was used on a hard surface. This would result in greater battery usage. Get a proper laptop tray and extend battery life and also stop the computer getting clogged up with any detritus that may be present on your lap.

  snv123 21:47 18 Dec 2009

The external devices that consumes battery and also the multitasking processes use some more battery power.Whenever your system is on,it will use some battery consuption.

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