Taskmon causing problem with shut-down

  DIYgirl 11:37 03 Sep 2003

Hello! This is my first posting here, and I am not very computer-literate, so do please forgive me if I am a bit girly.

I have a four/five year old computer which runs Windowns 98. It has started to get a bit temperamental lately and I suspect it is an age-related thing.

When I shut down the computer, I always now get one of two problems. The first, most common, is an error message which reads: "Taskmon. This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down". I then have to click on C for the dialogue box to disappear and the computer to shut down. Sometimes, instead, the screen turns blue, with white text on it, and a warning that the computer has done something wrong (sorry, can't provide exact text as I can't now get it to do it!), and telling me to press any key to continue. When I press any key, the screen goes blank for a few seconds then the blue screen with error message retruns. The only way to get the computer to shut down then is to switch it off manually at the power switch.

In addition I keep getting an icon appearing on my desktop: the standard Microsoft icon, with a ~ character as its name. When I right-click on it and click on the properties tab it tells me that it is an archive file on the desktop, 303kb in size--but that's all. I can delete it OK but a few days later it just reappears.

Any ideas on what I can do to make my computer switch off properly, and why this irritating icon keeps popping up?

  alcudia 11:45 03 Sep 2003

You can try this click here to see if it's any help.

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:48 03 Sep 2003

DIYgirl as a start try going into Start>Run> (type)msconfig>OK>startup and untick 'TaskMonitor' which should fix your shutdown problem.

  alcudia 11:52 03 Sep 2003

Sorry, is there any more info on the mysterious file. Is it an icon or a file and can you open it in Notepad? It seems too large for an icon.
Does properties reveal anything else?

  DIYgirl 11:58 03 Sep 2003

I am astonished at how quickly you have offered help! Thanks, all.

Alcudia, I have had another look at the icon and that's pretty much all that I can find out about it from the Properties tab. I tried to open it with Notepad but was told it is too big, and asked if I wanted to try Wordpad: that opened it fine, only to reveal lots of garble and squares (don't know what that means).

I'm off to see if those other two suggestions listed above might help. I'll switch off, then let you know when I get back. This is so quick, I really appreciate it (so long as it works!).

  scotty 12:12 03 Sep 2003

Shut down problems are sometimes cured by a bit of housekeeping. Try deleting all unneccessary files (e.g. temporary internet files) There may be a tool to help - look in Programs\Accessories\System tools and see if you have a utility named disc cleanup.

Then defragment your C drive (program can be found in same location as above).

  alcudia 12:17 03 Sep 2003

It's not an icon then, but a file. Is the tilde (~) all it has for a name or is there anything else.

  DIYgirl 12:52 03 Sep 2003

I clean up the hard drive regularly and defragment quite often too, so it is probably not that. The file is only caled ~, there is nothing else there at all. It is in windows, on the desktop, according to its Properties.

I have tried that link that Alcudia suggested, to the Microspft site: followed instrucitons there to rename the Applog file, and restarted a few times. Now the Taskmon error message does not appear, but I do get the blue screen again every time, telling me that "a fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C003145E. The current application will be terminated. Press any key to terminate appication/hit Ctrl/alt/del to restart". What next? any ideas?

This is fun!

  abc77 13:33 03 Sep 2003

If you still have the icon/file on your desktop, you can do a search for any unknown class file inside the WINDOWS/downloaded program files. Check on its property, if they are not related to any programs e.g. yahoo etc. you can delete them. If you want to play safe, make a copy and save it in another folder since you may not be able to restore it from the recycle bin.

  alcudia 15:11 03 Sep 2003

Hi again. try this click here;EN-US;189655 for info on your error message, but it's a bit involved and not for the faint hearted.
There is another way to shut down 98, I will be back with this when I can find it.

  alcudia 15:13 03 Sep 2003

Sorry that's a bad link I will try again.

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