taskmanager processes

  ted bear 00:36 11 May 2004

hi a few days ago there was a great link to a site that told you what each running process in task manager was ie neccessary/optional/malware etc. could anybody point me to the site or the thread please

  hugh-265156 00:57 11 May 2004

click here maybe

  hugh-265156 00:59 11 May 2004

another handy site is blackviper click here for services that are running

  ted bear 01:14 11 May 2004

my problem is i allowed my 18 year old son on my computer - and hes been surfing the net (god knows where)when i did a scan using adaware afterwards it showed a dialer "columbas" which adaware duly deleted. however when i looked at task manager i usually have about 32 running processes but now have 35. i use aol for internet connection but i dont recognise "aoltpspd.exe" and "aolacsd.exe" so im concerned that these may be programes that hes picked up on his "travels".can u tell me if these are malware or harmless progs?

  hugh-265156 01:25 11 May 2004

going by click here it does seem to be an aol excecutable.

did a search for aolacsd.exe also and got a lot of hits on google from spyware forums but it was mostly just listed on process logs posted by those enquiring about something else.by the paths shown it also seems to be ok and is in the aol folder.

  ted bear 01:28 11 May 2004

thanks huggy for your help - son banned from my computer now so im left feeling guilty. LIFE eh.

  bertiecharlie 15:31 11 May 2004

huggig71 has advised you on your particular problem but this might help in future click here

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