Taskbar and Working offline

  Duncanf 13:15 15 Mar 2010

A couple of niggly things that have happened and not sure why. Firstly the horizontal taskbar along the bottom of the screen has suddenly doubled in width. I've tried the ususal unlocking the taskbar and trying to raise/lower the horizontal bar via the arrows but it will only go so far down. Secondly for some reason the 'work offline' option in the Tools section on the toolbar is suddenly becoming ticked. I've never changed it once. I only found it when I couldn't connect to a webpage and the message came up 'You are working offline. Check Tools' I am permanently connected via BT Total broadband so I'm missing something! Windows XP Pro is my OP. Thanks in anticipation.

  rawprawn 13:18 15 Mar 2010

System Restore?

  Duncanf 13:28 15 Mar 2010

Thanks, rawprawn. System restore has cured the taskbar problem. Not sure about the 'Working Offline' problem as yet.

  rawprawn 13:58 15 Mar 2010

OK, I assume you have unticked "Work Offline"

  Duncanf 14:14 15 Mar 2010

Yes... actually I must have done it half a dozen times and worked away successfully until the warning suddenly appears again. Will report back if/when it returns!

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