Taskbar stopping me from scrolling

  ponytail 19:03 19 Oct 2013

I thought I had asked about this before but cannot see a post,Unable to scroll as the taskbar is covering the arrow.I thought I had to right click on a space on the task bar but cannot remember,Can someone advise

  tullie 19:28 19 Oct 2013

Covering what arrow?Dont you use the mouse or keyboard keys?Sorry if i am missing something.

  ponytail 19:43 19 Oct 2013

The arrow by the clock which you use to scroll up and down and it is hidden under the taskbar,I shut down my latop and when I restarted it it was ok but it hidden again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:51 19 Oct 2013

Hover mouse over top edge of task bar and you can lower or raise task bar.

Or click on empty area of task bar and drag to left right or top of screen.

  rdave13 20:40 19 Oct 2013

Another handy feature of the taskbar, especially on a laptop, is to auto-hide it. Right click taskbar, select properties then tick the box to auto-hide under the taskbar tab.

  ponytail 23:57 19 Oct 2013

Thanks for the replies the Auto Hide box was already ticked the taskbar is there now and does not move so cannot scroll down,

Fruit Bat /\0/\ when I right click on properties then task bar location I can choose between top,bottom.left or right have tried that but nothing happens and would still prefer it at the bottom.

  ponytail 00:01 20 Oct 2013

Have moved the taskbar to the top and so can now scroll up and down but the taskbar still stays there so now cannot click on the cross to exit as the taskbar covers it.

  ponytail 00:03 20 Oct 2013

Have now moved the taskbar to the left side although I am sure it will be covering something but wont know untill it happens

  rdave13 00:09 20 Oct 2013

Move the taskbar back to the bottom and make sure hide is still ticked. Make sure it is locked. Reboot after closing all your browsers tabs and any other running program.

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