Taskbar items won't load consistently & revert

  Muergo 12:00 09 Sep 2013

Some sites and pop out windows e.g. BBC Pop out player and others, require several clicks before they remain on screen, otherwise when clicking they disappear back down to taskbar icon. It may take many clicks to make it stay and then have to click on window to make it stay there.

  Woolwell 12:25 09 Sep 2013

Which browser and what OS?

  Muergo 13:27 09 Sep 2013

Firefox 24, Windows 7 Thanks for your interest.

  Woolwell 14:06 09 Sep 2013

Firefox 24 could be your problem. It hasn't been officially released yet.

  Muergo 01:12 10 Sep 2013

Woolwell, I have got trapped in the beta Firefox system and can't seem to get out of it, I get constant updates and i am now on about 24.9 at the moment. They armtwist you by saying "for security reasons" you must update immediately, it does not take long and only involves restarting FF which it does by itself, but I really wish I could get off the treadmill!

Any Ideas?

  Woolwell 11:36 10 Sep 2013

Download the released version from Mozilla. Uninstall the beta version and install the released version.

  northumbria61 11:44 10 Sep 2013

Muergo - You don't have to get constant updates - change that in your Options. Go to Tools - Options - Advanced Tab - Update Tab - change from Auto Updates to - Check for Updates but let me choose whether to install them.

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