Taskbar clutter

  Liza 00:37 26 Jun 2006

My sister has a PC with win 98SE. The computer has been running so slow (3 minutes to startup and 4 mins to open outlook express. I've removed temp files, defragmented and cleaned windows.

Its slightly better now but startup has any number of files of which I managed to remove some. There are some on the taskbar, like my computer, floppy disk etc. I've forgotten how to deal with such problems can someone help please.
Thanks. Liza

  MichelleC 08:33 26 Jun 2006

I can't recall much about 98, but Startup Inspector is a good free utility which you can prevent non-vitals from starting up click here which will speed things up.

  Stuartli 09:01 26 Jun 2006

Type msconfig into Run and select the Startup tag.

You can see what is being opened up when you bootup and uncheck those that are unrequired.

However, there are some that should NOT be unchecked so here's a guide:

click here

  Liza 11:54 26 Jun 2006

Thank you MichelleC and Stuartli. I'll get my sister to work on the advice you have given. Liza

  Liza 17:46 26 Jun 2006


Before contacting my sister I tried the free utility on my computer. The "point" freebee could not complete a .dll file was missing it informed me and the inspector one checked my computer and came up with a whole load of errors and said I would have to purchase @ $37 plus $4 for extended use. Is this true. Have I not done it properly? Liza

  woodchip 17:56 26 Jun 2006

That's a load of cobblers. Remove it from you computer. By Add Remove Programs then Delete the Folder it put on the Comp

  Bingalau 18:49 26 Jun 2006

I've always typed "prefetch" without the quotation marks in the "Run" window and then deleted all the items that are situated in the window which comes up. The idea then being that only the bare essentials needed to open with are used. But others are added as you call on them, such as Kodak and other programs. I have just done it now and there were 157 items in it. I've deleted the lot and hope when I re-boot in a minute or two, that it will do so a lot quicker. After a while they build up again though.

  MichelleC 08:46 27 Jun 2006

I never heard of that, Liza, and I've used it for years. May be worth doing a few deep scans for malaware etc:

Ewido click here

Adaware click here

and an online virus scan click here

  Graham ® 09:32 27 Jun 2006
  VoG II 09:36 27 Jun 2006

This is Windows 98 - where does prefetch come into it?

  Liza 10:50 27 Jun 2006


I have norton systemworks and it does all my virus protection bits plus I have spyware from my isp.

Sorry for being behind times 'what is melaware? Sounds like crockery! Are ewido, adaware virus protection software. Please tell me before I do the clicks. Incidentally I had to Go Back to restore my drive after using that inspector utility. My computer is xp with 4 hds (2 SATA, 1 scsi, 1 primary ATA) etc. Thanks Liza

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