Taskbar Buttons - only half visible

  nickr 17:37 06 Oct 2004

When I open an application (internet, office, etc) the buttons at the bottom of the screen are all grouped together on the right-hand side of the taskbar, and are only half visible.

I've right-clicked on the taskbar, gone into properties / taskbar appearance, and the following options are ticked: 'lock the taskbar' and 'keep taskbar on top of other windows'.

How can I get the buttons to appear normally and in full at the bottom of the screen...?

Many thanks.

  VoG II 17:43 06 Oct 2004

click here might work.

  Dorsai 17:47 06 Oct 2004

Do you have XP?

If so, it sounds like the option 'hide inactive icons' is turned on. In XP home, this option is turned on by default.

To check, start button>settings>taskbar and menu settings

Look for the check box at the botton 'hide inactive icons'. If ticked, untick.

  Dorsai 17:55 06 Oct 2004


I have the same, double height. There just is not room enought in a single dekker TB for it all.


If the option i mentioned is unticked, and crx's suggestion is not it, try ticking the option i seggested, applying the change, rebooting, and then unticking it. Windows can on ocasion, say 'i am doing A' and actually do 'B'. The tick/reboot/untick usually forces the check box to actually report the tru state of affairs, rather then get it wrong.

  nickr 19:20 06 Oct 2004

That's done the trick.
Thanks all!

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