Task Manager in Windows XP Professional

  Arokh. 23:01 25 Jul 2003

In windows 98 If I wanted to use a programe like Partition Magic, Partition magic would advise I press "Ctrl+Alt+Del and close all but Command and systray, Well If I press Ctrl+Alt+Del in Win XP Prof, I get the "Task Manager" and I am advised not to close these programs, is there a way around this without causing major problems?

Regards Arokh

  VoG II 23:08 25 Jul 2003

You can close everything apart from explorer and systray.

  powerless 23:13 25 Jul 2003

Applications and processes.

Leave the processes alone and only close Applications.


Start > Run > Type: MSCONFIG

Click ok.

STARTUP remove the ticks. THis will stop those programs loading at startup.

  Arokh. 23:31 25 Jul 2003

But VoG Explorer and systray is not in task manager of Win XP Prof?

  powerless 23:44 25 Jul 2003

NO they are no longer required in XP.

Explorer is now a process.

systray has done a runner.

  Arokh. 23:50 25 Jul 2003

Powerless I just did msconfig and there was only three items in the "Startup" even though I have 26 Processes at this moment

  powerless 23:56 25 Jul 2003

Applications are seperate to Processes...

Microsoft Word for example would be an application.

Explorer is a process.

Use Msconfig to stop Applications from starting when windows loads.

If an application is set to start in msconfig. Then its considered a process. As in when you pres C - A - D it will not be there.

To stop the processes click here

  Arokh. 00:04 26 Jul 2003

Wicked - Perfik :) Thanks "Powerless"
Regards Arokh

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